Past Life Regression with Joanna




In person only in Phoenix, ARIZONA.  Other Hypnosis sessions are available via a zoom call

"The most powerful psychotherapy technique"- Dr. Norm Shealy

When you come to me for a PLR, you will experience: 

  • At least 3 lifetimes
  • Conversation with your Highest Self to ask questions (please bring them to the session)
  • Visit of the realm before you entered this life to understand what you agreed to (Soul Contracts)
  • Visit to the Akashic Records (and other "places" if time allows)
  • By collapsing the limits of time and space, accessing other dimensions, you may repair the past in your mind. 

A better way to experience

Past Life Regression

In this video I'm sharing how I expanded and improved the experience of regression for you. 

To ensure you will receive the service you are looking for, please call me  at 480.331.8004  or fill out the confidential form. Click below:

Disclaimer: Joanna is a clinical hypnotherapist. She is NOT: a therapist, psychologist, psychotherapist. If you are experiencing any serious mental health problems, trauma, serious depression, please contact your doctor. 

Past Life...  FAQ

Past Life Regression (and other hypnosis techniques) can help with:

  • physical, emotional, spiritual problems
  • clarifying mysteries in one's life
  • phobias, fears, inner conflicts, confidence, self-image,
  • life patterns, life purpose
  • unexplained pain, medical conditions (best if used with other therapies)
  • removing unwanted, unhealthy habits, supporting positive, healthy habits
  • transforming emotions (negativity, anger, etc)
  • inspiration, spiritual strength
  • self forgiveness, self awareness, self criticism, creating a bigger vision for one's life
  • family issues / relationship problems and questions / improving relationships
  • and many many other issues. More on PLR in this blog

Below are answers to the most popular questions

What if I see something I don't want to see?

Some people are afraid they will see something that will scare them. However it is believed that your subconscious mind will not show you anything you are not ready to see. And the images that will appear will relate to your question / intention.  It's true, some people report seeing unpleasant things, but as you talk about them you can choose not to go into the detail, and I will help you to raise about the events and just observe.

Will I see the true events?

It’s also Important to remember that your subconscious mind may communicate with you thru metaphors.

So what you see or feel may not be the actual picture of you past, but a symbol you will be able to decode and understand.

Some people don’t "see” things, they feel energies, hear words. Often they cry or laugh during the regression, feeling bliss is not rare.  Also, you can never be “stuck” in hypnosis, but it can change your perspective.

Do you need to believe in past lives?

The beauty of this technique is that it works no matter if you believe them or not.

It doesn’t matter if those lives “really” happened.  What is important, is that the information received during the session help people to release pain, get bigger picture of their life, and the underlying patterns and motives that run their lives or relationships.

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