Past Life Regression Experience

The most powerful psychotherapy technique"- Dr. Norm Shealy

Welcome! If you are drawn to the idea of past lives, you are probably searching for answers you were not able to find anywhere else. This is usually not our first choice! You may want to let go of pain, find a sense of closure, explain some mysteries present in your life, or maybe to free yourself from unwanted patterns. I will be honored to guide you through this journey!  - Joanna Zajusz MFA, CHt, LC

Over the years I added more to the regular regression and now your session may include: 

  • At least 3 lifetimes (and often many more - depending on how much your mind can access) 
  • Conversation with your Highest Self
  • Lives in between, Soul contracts
  • Akashic Records 
  • Possibility to repair the past

This is a 3 hour session online or in person - Central Phoenix, AZ

Past Life Regression - like other hypnosis techniques - can help with:

  • physical, emotional, spiritual problems
  • clarifying mysteries in one's life
  • phobias, fears, inner conflicts, confidence, self-image,
  • life patterns, life purpose
  • unexplained pain, medical conditions (best if used with other therapies)
  • removing unwanted, unhealthy habits, supporting positive, healthy habits
  • transforming emotions (negativity, anger, etc)
  • inspiration, spiritual strength
  • self forgiveness, self awareness, self criticism, creating a bigger vision for one's life
  • family issues / relationship problems and questions / improvement in relationships 
  • and many many other issues. More on PLR in this blog

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Answers to the most popular questions:

What is the cost?

In 2023 it is still $250

Will it be recorded?

I will email you notes from the session within 24 h.  If you request a recording,  you will receive it through a Google Drive link.

What if I see something I don't want to see?

Based on experience, clinical hypnotherapists believe that your subconscious will not show you anything you are not ready to see. Sometimes your mind will only show you suggestions, or symbols. If you are solving an issue, you may have an intense emotional reaction and that is something we are trained to help you with. The experiences that will appear will relate to your question , to your intention. You may choose not to go into the detail, and I will help you to raise about the events and just observe. Some believe that in order to release a problem you need to go thru it.

Will I see true events?

What you experience in your mind may not be the exact event, but a symbol you will decode and understand later. Our memory is not perfect. It is affected by emotions and our perspective at the time of an event. It is possible to experience "false memories" so what will come up cannot be used as proof in a court of law. 

In the therapeutic application of hypnosis  we don't verify if these lives happened (though you may do your research after) - the potential of regression is that it may help you today. 

What will I feel?  

People sometimes cry or laugh during regression; we can feel everything we feel in our daily life. At times we experience a sense of oneness. (this is often a new feeling for many)

Can I be stuck in the past?

You can never be “stuck” in hypnosis, or in the past life. You can be affected emotionally, and it can change your perspective on things.

Do I need to believe in past lives?

When you choose to enter regression, you probably are open to the idea of past lives anyway. It may be helpful but it is not required. We know of people entering past lives spontaneously, even though it was not intended. 

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