Seven Ways to get out of a Funk

When you walk or sit in nature, in silence, preferably alone, and connect to the present moment… when you truly witness what’s around you… it’s only a matter of time for something to shift within you. Nature heals in many ways. Let the rocks absorb your painful feelings. Let the streams and waterfalls soften your heart. Let the blue vastness of the sky reflect to you your heart’s capacity to feel connected to life again. 

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How to stop your late night eating?

We seek pleasures, comfort and relief at night. You don’t really want the food. (unless the cause is 100% physical) You want to feel better. But what do you feel? Stress, emptiness, loneliness, boredom, exhaustion? Food won’t fix that – it will only create frustration and makes us fat. Can you pause… and find within some patience and kindness for yourself? Stop asking “why can’t I stop it?” ask instead (with love) “What can I do, other than eating, to feel what I want to feel?”

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