Weight Loss Empowerment

Empowerment:  a sense of being in control. Having proof that our efforts matter and create change. Also: unconditional acceptance of yourself. Having your own back.  When you are unhappy with your body, you may imagine that when you finally lose all the excess weight – you will feel empowered and better about yourself. That may […]

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What happens when You End Emotional Eating

What’s emotional eating [EE]? Eating when you are not physically hungry; to feel calm when anxious, entertained when bored, and comforted when lonely.  And what’s wrong with that? I think you would agree – nobody wants to stop EE because who wants discomfort and denying themselves this instant heavenly sensation that comfort  food can give.  […]

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[video] Conversation with Anne Vetter | Meditation. Adventure. Sacred Land.

If there was a way to connect deeper with your Soul – meditation would be the doorway. Meditation would be the way of dropping all the layers that separate us from knowing ourselves deeper. In this conversation, Anne, the meditation teacher for the Chopra center and a co-founder of Dharma Tours  talks about different meditation […]

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