Are you getting better and better at your bad habit? [video]

Between the urge to eat it and actually eating it – there is a space. What are you telling yourself in this space, in this moment – matters. And you are either telling yourself lies or the truth. When you automatically eat the sugar – you are getting better and better at the bad habit.  You are making the habit stronger in your brain. To eventually break the habit,  you need to think, feel, do something different in the moment.

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[Podcast 10] When Self-Discipline equals Self-Love

After I clarified what self-discipline means to me, what self-love means to me, I saw that they can be one and the same thing. What do you believe about self-discipline? And are the beliefs helping you or hurting you? Do you bully yourself into sticking to self discipline? Does it affect you negatively if you don’t do it perfectly? How would you feel if you knew you could create great results and self-discipline did not have to be perfect.

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