Can’t break up with sugar? Important: change your THOUGHTS

Eliminating flour and sugar is hard in itself but we are making it even harder. When you start the weight loss process you will likely hear that you need to eliminate SF. Or at least drastically reduce. It. And you may have an opinion, a thought about it . you may have an emotional reaction to it. And yet if we want the results – F+S has to go. It’s just one of these things that we do.

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Find or Create Your Sacred Space

In Phoenix / Paradise Valley, we have a wonderful, spiritual retreat. It consists of the sacral buildings; the church, chapels, dorms, but it also has a huge, enclosed, desert area. While walking the paths, day or night, you can come upon benches hidden in the trees, a labyrinth, gazebos, sculptures, and bunnies hopping here and […]

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When you gained some weight back…

Everything was going so well.  You were losing  it: pound after pound…  week after week. You got near your ideal weight.  And then.  You sort-of-fell-off-the-wagon.  There was so much going on. Stress? You ate the bad food.  There was nothing going on. Boredom. So you ate the bad food.  And one day you weigh yourself […]

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