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The one thing that will create momentum. Guaranteed!

No magic here. Or rather: schedule is magic! Schedule creates momentum because…. Following your schedule you avoid decision fatigue. Inspiration alone is not enough when you show up to the task daily – inspiration starts showing up too As a procrastinator – when you put a small doable task on your schedule – even you […]

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If you’ve lost FOCUS, remember: your attention is “the currency”

If our attention is the currency in the marketplace, then what we need to master is our FOCUS. To focus on OUR agenda, OUR ideas, OUR creativity, OUR intuition, and most importantly what we do with OUR time.  Or… we will waste it. If our attention is the currency, then to turn it around means: […]

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[video] Conversation with Anne Vetter | Meditation. Adventure. Sacred Land.

If there was a way to connect deeper with your Soul – meditation would be the doorway. Meditation would be the way of dropping all the layers that separate us from knowing ourselves deeper. In this conversation, Anne, the meditation teacher for the Chopra center and a co-founder of Dharma Tours  talks about different meditation […]

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