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Did Your Dream come True? Don’t Sabotage it! (overcoming the cognitive dissonance)

  Does it ever happen to you: your dream is about to come true and you start sabotaging it.  Maybe it’s a relationship that is so much better than any other relationship,  the promotion, the money… and now, to your greatest surprise, you start doing “stupid shit.”  It feels like something overtakes you and you […]

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Difficult relationships. Do they start in Past Lives?

There are four main signs it started in the past lives. First, there is an instant bond. There is a strong connection.
You have  visions, feelings, thoughts about this person you can’t explain. You are not yourself. When you are together, you are changing your personality, as if against yourself, and there is no explanation. 
You may have dreams about them that seem very real.

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[Podcast 3] How to shift your mindset

I love this quote Hafiz: The words you speak become the house you live in.

If so… it is even more true that the thoughts you think become the house you live in. You can’t run away from your thoughts, they are always there. Today I want to talk about Mindset. Mindset being a collection of thoughts. The house you live in. Mindset is affecting how we experience life and what we create in each area of life. If you don’t like the experience that your mindset is creating – what can you do?

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Can you get stuck in a negative emotion?

E-motion wants to be in motion. Emotions move through you when you allow them.  We are protecting ourselves from negative emotions in all possible ways. But sometimes, we need to process some uncomfortable yet useful  feelings.  They may be exactly what we need to go through to get what we want: You may need to feel courage or discomfort […]

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How to measure progress? If the scales were not around…[weight]

Remember the time when you committed to certain food plan, and your friends judged you for eating healthy? In the past you would not want to “hurt people’s feelings”, you would want to “belong” by eating the same bad food.  You’d eat it all. And you would hurt your feelings. Now you know how to set boundaries with love. And keep the promise you gave to yourself. 
This is progress. 

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