Difficult relationships. Do they start in Past Lives?

Do you sometimes wonder:

Is this relationship so difficult because of what happened in the past lives?

Do we have a history together? 

You may have this difficult relationship very close to you. It may be your parent, it may be your child. It may be your sister-in-law, it may be one of your friends.  In this video, I want to share with you: 

  • Two examples, including my personal story. 
  • Four signs that will tell you (without doing regression) this is a continuation of a past life 
  • What is a purpose of a problematic relationship?

When I am leading a past life regression, sometimes a client goes there spontaneously. They recognize in the past life a person from this life. Most of the time, these are good, loving relationships. 

Sometimes we do a regression to find the underlying cause for this relationship being so challenging. Why is it so strangely intense? Why can’t we find peace in it? 

Example 1

I have a friend. Let’s call her Susan. Susan had a friend who she had known for a couple of decades. 

They were good friends and suddenly, her friend stopped talking to her for no apparent reason. Even though Susan reached out, there was no response. Susan decided to take it to past life regression and what she saw explained the strange behavior to her. 

In one of the lives, they were both men in the Viking times, and one of them simply chopped up the other. Past life issue may surface at a certain point in life, and not throughout the whole life. So maybe at this point Susan’ friend started having thoughts and feelings that she couldn’t explain. She didn’t feel safe with Susan. She felt like she could not trust her. 

In this life, there was no reason for it. But the original event started affecting her now for some reason in this life. It was enough for Susan to understand it and let it go.

There are four main signs it started in the past lives.

  • First, there is an instant bond. There is a strong connection.
  • You have  visions, feelings, thoughts about this person you can’t explain. Sometimes you’ll say it’s weird, but this is what I’m feeling / thinking for no apparent reason.  
  • You are not yourself. When you are together, you may notice that you are not really yourself, you are kind of changing your personality, and there is no explanation. 
  • You may have dreams about them that seem very real and catch your attention.

This is my personal story. Example 2.

I didn’t even have to do the regression to conclude: this is past life stuff. 

I became a friend with someone, and we had a good connection and great conversations, but I noticed that when I was with her, I felt this suffocating feeling around my throat. I could not express myself very well. I didn’t speak with the same ease as I usually speak with people.  

And every time I would eat something she cooked, I was “dying” the whole night. I had strange, stabbing pain all over my abdomen, as if somebody was stabbing me with a knife.  Now, I have different pains in my body, but this was very, very unusual.  Sometimes we eat something not good for us, and the pain is on one side, but not… all over. 

Also, in between our meetings, I had a hard time recovering my strength. 

So, what was my choice? Either to work on it, to transform myself or let it go.

It was a question of energy: do I want to spend my energy here? Why work on something if you can let it go? 

In that letting go I had to find peace, let go of any negativity, otherwise, it would follow me. 

What is the reason for the difficult relationships? 

The person is here to teach us a lesson. We don’t want the lesson. The lesson is hard, but they are here for a reason for us to grow through this relationship.

A couple of good questions to ask yourself are:

  • What is this relationship dynamic showing me about me? 
  • How is this relationship asking me to grow?
  • What part of me is challenged and which part of me needs to evolve?

Ultimately, from the spiritual perspective the purpose of those difficult relationships is:

  • to transform darkness to light within ourselves. 
  • to clear the karma, and this is what I mean by that, when somebody’s hostile towards you, you may feel inclined to retaliate, take revenge or simply choose to be a negative person in their presence. This way, we only strengthen the karma, because we strengthen the negative emotional ties. Our job in life is to raise our vibration.  We set ourselves free and heal the past when we transform the darkness into light, the negative to positive emotions.
  • The person’s presence may highlight that you lack personal power. If you feel dependent on the person’s permission, maybe the lesson is to step into your personal power, to stop giving your control away.
  • If you subconsciously seek the person’s approval, maybe your lesson is to learn to approve of yourself. (also a lesson in power)
  • If the challenge is a lack of acceptance, judgment – ask: how I can transform it within me? After all, it is not the job of that person to change according to what you approve. If we are interested in personal growth, we need to change within ourselves, and overcome that shadow of judgement.
  • If you feel angry, the lesson is compassion (for yourself first) again it’s transforming darkness to light. And becoming free from the low frequency.
  • Clear  negative attachments .  Notice, you always feel heavier and attached to somebody, when you think negatively and feel negative emotions towards them.  And at the moment of letting go – you feel lighter and free. This inner transformation is a miracle. It was the negative emotion that kept you hostage to them.

Questions for YOU:

Do you have a relationship where you strongly feel – you were connected in another life?

What did your difficult relationships teach you?

Did you leave – meaning, took empowered action – because it was the only way to be free?

Did you work on it internally and things improved?

If you are interested in exploring your past lives with me, please schedule a consultation to see if it’s a right path for you.  http://calendly.com/jopr

No conversation about a difficult relationship is completed without taking a look at our personal responsibility, our role in this relationship. 

I’m going to talk about it in the next video, it will not be related to regression, only to the work we do in coaching and personal transformation.