Hi, I'm Joanna!

I'm happy you are


The reason I changed my life, is still the reason I do this work. 

What was the reason? Pain.

Pain, that felt as if my Spirit died. 

But with that pain I also received a gift: a Holy Instant (as A Course in Miracles would call it) 

There was a voice, a download of life restoring words, and just like that, I lifted myself off the ground and decided right there and then - I am going to help others to release any unnecessary pain.  This drives me to this day. 

Since 2013 I helped my clients with a variety of challenges. 

Now,  I focus on what fascinates me most:


  1. Weight loss (A journey to wellness and empowerment thru a mindset change. To this work people bring EVERYTHING under the Sun - because all areas of life reflect on our body) 
  2. Procrastination (not limited to creatives) So we co-create our dreams, so we actually live and honor the Life we have. So we act on our potential 
  3. Spirituality. Whenever I can - I LOVE to help Clients with their spiritual challenges and goals. 

Regardless of what led you here - I know, it's not just the extra pounds you'll shed; it's not just the project you'll get done.

Causal COACHING goes deep.

It creates more SELF-AWARENESS, mindset change, and better Results

It helps us to CREATE life DELIBERATELY.

Joanna Zajusz is: 

  • Certified by The Life Coach School of Brooke Castillo 
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist, Cert. Weight Loss Hypnotherapist
  • Reiki Master.
  • Certified Mind Body Wellness Coach | Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts
  • MFA from the University of Silesia, in Poland.
  • speaks English, Polish (or often: Polglish :) 
  • I'm inspired by the work of Joe Dispenza, Caroline Myss, Brooke Castillo, Catherine Shanahan, as well by Hermeticism, Yoga, and A Course in Miracles.  

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