I'm happy you are here

because I have something

to tell you

"Life will give you pain all on its own.

Your responsibility is to create joy." -

- Milton Erickson [American psychologist, hypnotherapist and family therapist]

Regardless of what led you here - I know, it's not just the extra pounds you'll lose, not just the project you'll get done. It's a part of your personal transformation. It will improve other areas of your life. 

Because causal COACHING goes deep. It creates more SELF-AWARENESS. It transforms your MIND. It allows you to FREE yourself from unnecessary pain.  It helps you CREATE life DELIBERATELY. 

It's my pleasure to talk about your challenges and goals.

Joanna Zajusz is: 

  • Certified by The Life Coach School
  • Clinical Hypnotherapist, Cert. Weight Loss Hypnotherapist
  • Reiki Master.
  • Certified Mind Body Wellness Coach | Southwest Institute of the Healing Arts
  • MFA from the University of Silesia, in Poland.
  • speaks Polish, English

Most, if not all problems in life, no matter how big or small, personal or global, can be resolved with self-acceptance, self-respect, self-compassion, because of their impact. 

If we will never work together...

If you could do just one thing, ask yourself:

"How would I live, if I truly loved, cared for, accepted and respected myself?

This is what will heal us,  this is what will heal the world. - Joanna 

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