Below you will find my current programs.  

All coaching / hypnotherapy is adjusted to Your unique challenges and goals. 

I am looking forward to assisting You in Your Inner Journey!

Your Unique Journey
12 weeks of Healing and Transformation

Coaching/ Hypnotherapy, Regression, Energy Work

Three months is a great start to work through your emotional, creative, and self-love challenges and experience the difference in your daily life.

  • identify and release your limiting beliefs and sabotage; discuss in confidence your emotional struggles,  
  • rewrite your past and reclaim your future; align with your life's purpose; mindset and quantum work;
  • experience breakthroughs, overcome blocks to action.
  • $1,800 - 3,000 (in the $3,000 version we work with your HUMAN DESIGN) 

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Past Life Regression Therapy 

Regression is used to connect with ourselves and our purpose,  understand our Soul's path, and the patterns present in our life, get insight how to move forward. Some report release of physical challenges or a sense of closure. Includes life between lives. One session 2.5-3 h.  Now offered in person and online. $250  

(Regression is included in the 12 week program)  Click below to learn more: 

Weight Loss for People who Love to Eat - 6 months

Private, 1:1, coaching, hypnotherapy, nutrition

This is a private program where we meet weekly to remove your obstacles to weight loss. We address emotional eating, cravings, nutrition, emotional causes for overeating.  You will understand and apply the forces behind weight gain and loss.  Even if you quitted or plateaued in other programs.  In this program we work with the Body-Mind-Heart and Spirit.  6 months $3,600 Weekly 90 min sessions. In person or online. 

Not for people with eating disorders. This is not a therapy or a medical program. 


Medical Hypnotherapy For Chronic Disease

Private, 1:1, coaching + hypnotherapy

This is a private program where we meet weekly to address your chronic issue from a holistic perspective. In this 3rd generation hypnotherapy program, we work with the Body-Mind-Heart and Spirit.   

8-12 weeks.  90 min sessions. 1,000 -  $1,500 In person or online. 

(This practitioner is NOT a medical professional. The program does not diagnose, and it does not claim that is treats a disease.) More below: PAGE COMING SOON