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Beyond Limiting Beliefs - Journey
[12 weeks of Coaching/ Hypnotherapy, Regression, Energy]

Private; you and me. Work through your emotional, creative, self-love challenges. 

Overcome subconscious sabotage, create empowering mindset. 

Raise your vibration, as your work on your mind and energy, manifest / create with more ease. 

A partnership where you can confidentially discus your emotional struggles, learn the lessons, and find the way out. Heal emotionally. Get connected to your heart, confidence, purpose.  $1,500-3,000


Past Life Regression Therapy 

Regression is used to connect with ourselves and our purpose,  understand our Soul's path, understand patterns present in our life, get insight how to move forward, also to understand and release some physical challenges. One session 2.5-3 h, with a follow up 20 min call. Now offered in person and online. $250 

Weight Loss for People who Love to Eat - 6 months

Private, 1:1, coaching, hypnosis, nutrition

This is a private program where we meet weekly to remove your obstacles to weight loss. We address emotional eating, cravings, nutrition, emotional causes for overeating.  You will understand and apply the forces behind weight gain and loss.  Even if you quitted or plateaued in other programs.  In this program we work with the Body-Mind-Heart and Spirit.  6 months $3,600 Weekly 90 min sessions. In person or online. 

Not for people with eating disorders. This is not a therapy or a medical program. 



End Overeating (Body-Mind-Heart)- 3 months

Weekly live coaching, Nutrition Q&A, hypnosis (guided meditation)

Naturally End Emotional Eating, cravings, and find fulfillment outside of food while taking care of your wellness.  Same principles as in 1:1 program.  Coaching happens in a group and is kept private there. 

3 months Beta Group $333

Not for people with eating disorders. This is not a therapy or a medical program. 

Coming in January 2023