The purpose of Limiting Beliefs: Protection.

The purpose of limiting beliefs

Limiting beliefs are here to protect us. It is natural because w part of our brain is focused on survival. Doing something new, going out of the comfort zone, exploring the unknown territories, going outside of your current identity  is a threat to the brain. 

So you will witness thoughts in your mind that sound very reasonable. They will look like valid reasons to why you don’t have what you honestly would love to have. 

This is the reality, this is how the world works. “I don’t have this skill, the look, the resources.” This project sucks. I have to keep doing this or I will not survive. I can only make x$ in this profession. It is abnormal to eat like that (like healthy)  I could only sell 500 books etc. I am just not that smart. I have to keep this “friend”, this boyfriend, this job because I don’t have anyone else, because nothing better is coming. 


We use our current mediocre satisfaction,  the current state of things as a measure of what is possible.  That is so limiting. At the same time we know that a part of us desires more. This way, if we listen to the limiting beliefs, we are protected from “danger” and disappointment. And we are also “protected” from our dream goals. 

Limiting beliefs protect you from disappointment.

From putting yourself out there. 

From taking risks. 

From being honest. 

From making mental effort and from creating.

From challenging your weakness. 

From “making a fool, idiot of yourself.” (Or so you think, because that is also a limiting belief and who judges you most anyway?) 

Limiting beliefs “protect” you from your potential.

From seeing what is possible for you.

From reaching  the goal. 

From growth.

From the bigger version of you.

From seeing what comes from commitment.

From learning.

From fulfillment. 

From being an example.

From confidence.

From happiness.

From growing your balls. 

From trying on courage. 

From believing in yourself. 

I know the discomfort, my friend.

I know the discomfort that comes from letting go of limiting beliefs, (it is huge because it is so easy to make excuses, it is uncomfortable to ask for confirmation from the people around me, while I am the only one that can give it to myself)  but I also know the discomfort of staying in one place. And that is a disservice to myself and others.

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