Conversations: From a Stressed to Fulfilled Dad with Warrior energy

In this conversation with another coach, Tommy Geary, from,  we talk about dads. How dads often struggle with emotions, anger and overwhelm and how there is a way to make sense of it all, to become fulfilled and free, while creating positive ripple effects around.

We talked about:

01:06 who are the dads Tommy helps? 

04:55 is it possible to slow down and take care of yourself while remaining responsible?

08:35 the issue with anger. are you  repressing, overanalyzing?

 12:15 more on anger

16:20 “I am not good with feelings” – this can quickly change! 

17:10 “I should, I need to ” – the things we tell ourselves that create overwhelm

18:20 motivated by beating yourself up or by something much better?

21:00 old stories and blocks

22:00 external and inner validation

23:40 fulfillment

26:20 the warrior energy archetype and anger

30:00 examples – expanded mental capacity through coaching

34:00 the ripple effect of this work and Tommy’s personal story

Let us know if there was anything that sparked your interest and you want us to expand on it.

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