Are you traumatizing yourself with your self-talk?

When you feel those negative emotions, like shame, guilt, anger at yourself, even self loathing …  stop and check: what were you just thinking about yourself?

You never… you always…

“You always mess things up. You never do anything right. You broke this… Nobody wants you.” You say “I am  (followed by something hurtful)”

Put them on paper. I know… it may be initially hard because you believe this is the reality. You want to hide from those thoughts.  But let’s pretend these are just mental constructs, thoughts, errors.

Once they are on paper imagine that you tell those things to someone you care about. Maybe a child, Maybe your younger self. Would you do it? Unlikely.

If you did you would traumatize that person for life.

And yet you are doing it to yourself.

You are traumatizing yourself. You are reinforcing huge limiting beliefs.

Can you look at yourself thru a brighter lens?

You search for the evidence of the negative self concept, but when you look into the past there is also an evidence to the contrary. There is proof of many good, positive, wonderful things about you.

And even if it is hard to find, know this:  YOUR FUTURE does not have to be a continuation of the past. You can reprogram yourself. 

If you need someone to guide you thru the process: