You may have a limiting belief and not know about it. (Two artists’ beliefs)

Sometimes we may have a belief and not realize that this is a limiting belief.

We think this is how the world works. 


I need to tell you about the experience I had. This story shows how sometimes we may have a belief and not realize that this is a limiting belief. And we don’t even see that we can drop that belief,  feel freer, and get what we want. 

And this story also shows how some people didn’t even know they were supposed to have certain limiting beliefs. 

Some people didn’t know they were supposed to believe XYZ and they feel free!

Last week I talked to two different artists.

One is an artist who finished art school. She’s right now revising her creative history.  She knows that she wants to do more, but she is a little bit blocked and pressured because she thinks about her age and potential. 

She  needs more clarity on what she wants to create. 

I also visited another artist last weekend who seems uninhibited in her creativity. She doesn’t stop, she always does something and art is always the topic of conversations.

There is a lot of freedom in her creativity. She does not question herself. 

The first artist sold her artwork and did extraordinary things. But she thinks she didn’t do enough. And now sometimes she feels inspired seeing other people’s art but she rejects this inspiration because she thinks, “this is their style, and I have to find my style.” Maybe forgetting creativity needs play. Even though inspired, her art would reflect her. 

The second artist doesn’t stop. She keeps going. She sold over 400 paintings. 

Here is the difference in a belief between the one that feels pressured and the one that feels free. 

I pointed to one of the paintings: Whose is this? 

It is mine.

But this is not your style! 

And she says… But what is my style? I have many styles!

She said it as if it was the most natural thing. 

Other artists with a limiting belief of needing to stick to one style would feel apologetic about it: yeah, I cannot decide. I don’t know, I don’t know what is my style.  They would be undermining their creativity and energy to paint, because they would think:  having many styles is a bad thing. 

But the artist who is free in her expression thinks that this is the most natural thing. She doesn’t let it slow her down. 

This artist did not finish art school. And perhaps she never heard those instructions that as an artist, you should develop one style. 

(If you want to sell your art, the art gallery has to have your Line of work, that represents your style, so it has to be consistent, right? You kind of have to be predictable. )

Don’t you think that this belief is what  contributed to one artist being blocked? I do. 

Nobody wants to be in the cubicle and yet, you are putting yourself and your art in this cubicle. But listen, there are artists like my friend who are free!  She doesn’t give a S&^% about those rules and she still sells. She still is fulfilled in her work. 

When I painted and drew my style was all over the place. (or maybe I think so). People told me I recognize your “line.” This is you.  Maybe that’s it.

We have this unique signature that is within us and whatever we do whether we express ourselves through talking or through art. The part of us that is unique to us and contained within our creative expression. 

So, I would love to hear from you. Where do you limit yourself because you were told to? Where would you want to expand your creative expression? 

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