The one thing that will create momentum. Guaranteed!

No magic here. Or rather: schedule is magic!

Schedule creates momentum because….

  • Following your schedule you avoid decision fatigue.
  • Inspiration alone is not enough
  • when you show up to the task daily – inspiration starts showing up too
  • As a procrastinator – when you put a small doable task on your schedule – even you get something done.
  • When you are perpetually confused- schedule creates focus.
  • When you have a lot of things to do – schedule is like your assistant. You don’t need to carry all the things in your head.
  • If you feel anxious about a schedule – you are the creator of it – you make it work for you.
  • even if you feel resistance – you know that resistance is a feeling an d that is created by your thoughts and you can control that.
  • By following the schedule you create a momentum. Every goal you want to achieve is a result of many positive habits implemented – DONE – and schedule is un undeniable, guaranteed support here.


It takes time and learning to make schedule work for us. Often mind management is necessary. If you want to have better mindset for productivity, creativity, if you want to end procrastination – let’s talk!