How to measure progress? If the scales were not around…[weight]

The last time I stepped in the scale, few weeks ago, the only words that crossed my mind were  “this… is… bulls%&^!” I was in disbelief! So much work! I should be at my goal weight. However the scale didn’t agree. But you know what?

This is drama. 

We don’t want drama….  I looked at myself and realized I’m pretty happy with were I am. And I realized:

There are many other ways to measure progress

(in case you are wondering why I am still working on my body – I am obsessed. You don’t have to be. I like it. ; )

Here are some ways to measure progress –  which one would you try?

You learned to trust yourself

When you commit to yourself, follow your food plan, manage emotions and plan in advance – you develop the trust in yourself. When your weight loss plan is free of drama, and you take the time to check in with yourself: you have a better relationship with yourself. Priceless.

You are more positive

Once you realized how much work it takes to lose the fist 40 or the last 10 pounds – you have a better appreciation for the body. You take care of it. You see that the MIND always has the greatest power – and you make sure your mind is positive. You may realize you took the power back 

You took your power back

The results are in the mirror, in the 3D, not on the scale

Maybe the scale didn’t move, but you spent weeks exercising and avoiding simple carbs – you notice your body is more toned, you have better skin, and .. is the cellulite almost gone? You don’t need to see a lower # on the scale to smile. And when you dress – do the clothes fit better? 

Is the waist / hip ration improving?

Abdominal fat cells are more metabolically active – and potentially more dangerous (writes Dr. Christiane Northrup in “The Wisdom Of Menopause” ) than the fat cells on the hips and thighs.  Measuring the waist / hip ratio is a quick way to gauge our risk. And progress. A healthy ratio is 0.8. Even better 0.74. Greater ratio than 0.85 is associated with many health risks.

Is it 0.8 or less ?

You are stronger

No matter if you swing a kettlebell or do pilates – moving the body is better than sitting. When you “push” yourself (with love and care) – you grow – mentally and physically – you get stronger.

Own your work. 

You are free from emotional eating

Remember how much struggle it was to not eat the cake? How you fought internally and surrendered to urges? (this is an exercise we do in weight loss coaching) and now? YOU ARE FREE. You don’t even want it. The food has no power over you.

You are in control. This is success. 

You set boundaries. With Love.

Remember the time when you committed to certain food plan, and  your mother in law put a pile of spaghetti on your plate? Or your friends judged you for eating healthy? In the past you would not want to “hurt people’s feelings”, you would want to “belong” by eating the same bad food.  You’d eat it all. And you would hurt your feelings. Now you know how to set boundaries with love. And keep the promise you gave to yourself. 

This is progress. 

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