Case Study #1. 25 pounds in 5 hypnosis sessions

Results vary for every person. 

I wanted to share a success story of one of my clients. I always expect changes and improvements but sometimes those changes exceed even my expectations. This client have been consistently and significantly losing weight after every session. I asked her: how did you do it? Not all people have such fast results. What is your secret?

“I did everything you told me to do” – she said.

Let’s look at the details.

  • Client: a woman in her 60’s
  • Goal: lose 25 pounds
  • Specific problem: overeating, emotional eating
  • Technique: Hypnotherapy [and various techniques within hypnosis]
  • 2nd technique: Nutrition changes (before we started she was on weight watchers)
  • Period of time ~ 4 months
  • Supportive practitioner: NTP [nutritional therapy practitioner]

What I want to say: this process cannot be repeated step by step for every single person –  we meet the clients where they are. What she brought to every session was  a part of her unique path . 

How did the process go? What did we do? Here is an overview.

  1. Consultation over the phone
  2. 1st hypnosis session: contrasting the current reality, mindset and habits with the future – in hypnosis client is able to easier go to the “future” and see how are they thinking differently. 90 min
  3. 2nd hypnosis session: Age regression / Time Travel.  We went to the times that likely held an answer to overeating. I divided the periods of life into decades to locate the issues. Whatever was found, client was instructed to see it from another perspective, change the meaning of the situation and respond to it in an empowering way. As we know the body holds memories of past experiences, so that session also included Cellular/ Emotional Cleansing
  4. Secondary benefit: we had a longer break after this session. Upon return Client shared that the last session helped her navigate a sensitive situation with family and she felt sense of inner freedom. She shared this laughing openly and freely.
  5. 3rd session: Parts Therapy.  If there is an inner conflict: client wants something and yet they sabotage it. Parts Therapy, in other words Inner Conflict Resolution – creates new awareness and is an opportunity to negotiate between the inner parts that have different goals – to get them on board with the conscious goal. As a hypnotherapist I facilitate the negotiations.  This technique requires that the client communicates with me verbally (conversational hypnosis). In this session it didn’t happen. When that’s the case, I move on with a simple hypnosis. It was: creating mindful habits around triggers: food, parties and the fridge
  6. 4th session – Connection with the Future Self. This hypnosis allowed the client to step fuller into the Self she envisioned. It helped her to be more mindful – meaning slowing down around the triggers, coming out with new responses to them. Also traveling into the future allowed her to see what did she do specifically to get the results. Client gained awareness that she also needs to maintain focus – that was the key to keep thinking about food at bay.
  7. Nutritionist  – at that time the client shared about some digestive issues. I referred her to a nutritionist who discovered she lacked nutrients to produce HdCl and she wasn’t absorbing proteins well, and the issue caused disturbed sleep – another big factor in weight loss. The situation was taken care of with supplements and the client was off certain medication!
  8. 5th hypnosis session – we worked on discovering deeper reasons for weight and creating a new identity. We created different responses to known triggers, and new ways to think, feel and act. Especially new ways of thinking about herself that translate into new ways of being around food. We also addressed wine drinking and falling off the wagon.

What else we did in between?

Client learned more about the hormones, nutrition and feelings in weight loss.

Then we took a break. She continued a better way of eating. After a while I received an email

“I haven’t told you anything that has been going on over the last couple months because I wanted to wait until I had met one of our goals. I hit 150 pounds today. I have also moved down from a size 14 pair of pants to a size 12 pair of pants. I am so excited as is my husband. It was hard to stay at 150.5 pounds for so long, but I can’t complain. During those two weeks we had a lot of company and we took a trip. So, I’m thrilled that I didn’t gain anything. I have you to thank for all of this. I feel like I still am in control. Thank you so much.” 

Since that time I decided it’s necessary to include both hypnosis and coaching and the program is longer and more intense. If you want to find out more please schedule your free 30 min consultation