How Does Hypnosis Work

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Effective tool for personal transformation

For a long time hypnotherapy has been an effective way of making positive life changes.  Without side effects.   After their first session people often say, they have not been so deeply relaxed in ages…

Each of us is in a state of hypnosis several times a day. (Think: highway hypnosis or watching a movie, listening to a boring person) The difference between those natural altered state of consciousness and the applied altered state of consciousness, which you experience with a therapist is, that it’s directed, productive and serving you in creating positive change.

It’s helping you in a a resolution of an inner conflict, annoying habit, addiction, self-sabotage, repeating patterns, chronic pain, weight management and with virtually anything you can think of.

So how does it work?

  • When we are in a relaxed; alpha or theta state, our subconscious mind is more open to suggestions.
  • Our brain waves slow down and there is actually a chance to introduce a new positive concept without it being rejected.
  • The critical faculty of the mind – so active in a waking life, always discerning – is more relaxed. So you are able to accept more positive messages you would normally reject as not possible.
  • We have better and easier access to information stored in our subconscious. (which makes up to 85% of our consciousness, this is where habits are stored and all things we can do without conscious thinking )
  • Hypnosis gives us time to practice new habits. Try on new behaviors. So when we return to a
    “real life” we have a better preparation for the new, previously challenging task at hand (that’s why hypnosis for public speaking is one of the popular subjects. Or when a person has problem with anger they can practice new ways of communicating without being reactive, and to see themselves from a different angle.
  • The interesting thing about working with subconscious mind is, that it doesn’t need a logical explanation to effectively create the changes.

Alen Chips, internationally renowned  instructor of transpersonal hypnotherapy, says that sometimes there might be more difficult cases, where the answer to the problem may not be easily recognized by the hypnotherapist or the client…

“[…] however,  because the unconscious mind holds all of the answers to the body-mind-spirit triad, the client will often be able to undergo hypnosis and tell a hypnotherapist details concerning the origin of their problem and sometimes even how to resolve it.”

The bridge

It is believed that hypnosis is a bridge connecting body, mind and spirit. (and I think, this is a VERY important thought to remember)  When we start working with hypnosis we discover that emotions are stored in the body, the body knows the answers and can give the answers.

One of the outcomes that I love most about hypnotherapy  is clarity. We often gain a new perspective from which we start resolving the issue OR our approach changes: what we thought was a problem, is no longer there.

If you have any questions about hypnosis and how it can help you, please schedule your first free, non obligation consultation.

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