How To Solve Your Inner Conflicts. [this could save you months of dilemma]


Our dilemma can drag themselves from few days to few decades.  They drain our energy and make us procrastinate on important decisions. It feels like we just can’t take a full breath.

You know when you have it: you want it and you don’t:

  • it might be a great job offer in another state, but a part of you holds you back from moving.
  • maybe you want to lose weight but a part of you makes you eat a pint of ice cream at night, and another part hates exercising.
  • or maybe you sit on a fence about accepting a marriage proposition. On one hand you love him, but a part of you is scared.

If we can’t decide what steps to take and keep thinking about the issue for months going back and forth, it may be an inner conflict, lack of agreement between the inner parts (we all have them),  lack of clarity about our values, or greed: we want to eat the cake and have it too.  All that is very common… maybe we need to accept that:

Life gives us options with strings attached and a price to pay. And we still need to choose.

It’s better to “choose before you have to” {I love this quote yet I can’t find who said it}

There is a way to resolve our inner conflicts in a relaxing environment.

When you catch yourself hearing a conversation in your head where one part wants it, another part doesn’t and still another part has a piece of advice complicating the question even more – remember there is something like Inner conflict resolution.” Also known as “Parts Therapy” 

Inner conflict resolution is a method we use in hypnotherapy. It helps to find peace in emotional turmoils, create clarity, move forward.

     How does  Inner Conflict Resolution (or Parts Therapy) work?

  1. You share with a hypnotherapist what is the conflict about.
  2. In the conversational hypnosis the hypnotherapist will call on different parts of you and let them communicate their goals – different parts will have different goals- hence the conflict. You may be surprised with the parts that will emerge. Don’t worry though – it’s perfectly normal to have in your mind:  a Perfectionist, Inner Critic, Child, Adult, Overachiever, Adventurer, and many many others.
  3. The hypnotherapist asks questions and YOU respond as the specific part of you.
  4. This is easy because in hypnosis you are relaxed, and your brain waves are in alpha or theta frequency. This means you are accessing a deeper part of you, your subconscious mind, and your inner resources. 
  5. Usually we speak only to few parts that have something to say about the dilemma you want to end. Hypnotherapist will help them to communicate between each other, set a new goal, make an agreement.
  6. The parts are integrated.

Once you are ready to stop tormenting yourself about something important, please write to me, so I can help you create a state of inner AGREEMENT and clarity.

We may find that the conflict is a result of not knowing your values – this is also something I can help with in a coaching conversation.