Read Before You Sign Up For Hypnosis. Can You Influence It’s Success Or Failure?

how does hypnosis work

There are couple things that may sabotage even hypnosis, which is one of the most effective methods we can find to make positive changes. Perhaps we can’t talk about a complete failure: no matter if you achieve your goal or not, this deep relaxation will rejuvenate you and will allow you for a significant stress and tension release. But you don’t want just that, right? You want big changes. below are couple things that will ensure it happens.

1. Work on your own real goal.

In other words do not try to accomplish someone else’s goal they have for you.

You may want to try hypnotherapy because you want to make someone else happy. You feel a pressure from that person so you try to show you do what you can to have more peace. If that is not discovered during an initial consultation, what may happen in a session is:

1. Your subconscious will resist to make the changes, because it’s not what you really want

2. The truth may be magnified: what you do (and what they want to change)  makes you feel more alive. Giving it up would be giving up a part of you.

Occasionally there might be a positive outcome:

If you start working on a habit that is generally unhealthy, the attempt to change may reveal that there is something missing in your life,  which you try to compensate with that habit: usually emptiness, lack of satisfaction in any area of life, lack of connection or lack of creative outlet. Your hypnotherapist then may help you to discover ways to more satisfactory life. But will that completely eliminate the habit you enjoyed?

Another motivation that will cause the session to be unsuccessful:   if you lost touch with your inner guidance, you may try to be someone who you are not. You have a vision dictated not by your true self, which would be fine, but by your ego. (How do you tell between the two?)  You are in a competitive mood and you want to win – it doesn’t matter that you are the only one in the chase. You may also try to make yourself feel in a specific way about someone or something.

Both things would be violation of who are really are and what you really feel. The initial conversation may reveal you actually need to go in the opposite direction or take care of something you were pushing away.

2. Have faith in the process. Allow it to happen.

Let go of expectations, skepticism. Don’t try to control the experience.

Beginners, people who don’t trust easily, or  those who need logical explanation to everything usually will wonder: why did I see this instead of something else. Why did I hear those words or saw these colors, what does it mean, and what if something else showed up? Is it my imagination?  How do I know this is the answer?

There is a reason why this showed up and not something else. Even if we don’t know the reason. Hypnosis is such an incredible tool; your faith in it’s success helps it to succeed. Your hypnotherapist faith will help it to succeed.

Let go. Usually when we use guided visualization for pleasure, for the adventure, and out of curiosity,  there is less resistance.  You know… we will call it a visualization and you don’t stress about what the vision brings. But once we call it hypnotherapy you may have more resistance, until you realize – it wasn’t necessary. This was also my issue in the past and now I see that plunging in works best.

The greater the conscious effort, the lower the subconscious response. We are looking to create the opposite.

Trust your inner vision , trust you experience what you need to experience. Have faith in the process but don’t look at hypnotherapy like it’s magic.