Should You Ditch the 3 Steps to Fix Your Life and Take an Elevator Instead?

steps to fix your life

We live in a world that offers easy answers to almost everything. And there is usually 5, 7, or 10 steps to get “there”. You may be already tired of reading another article that claims to reveal the 5 steps to losing weight, finding love or overcoming credit card debt. And so am I. Despite of writing some of them.

Naturally we are more attracted to those articles and books. Yes, we are lured in by the promise of something easy and controllable, but they also organize the content for us: the steps are easier to remember. If we are really ready to take them – they offer guidance. And most of us want that guidance. Many of us want to be taken by hand and led thru the process.

But there is something they are usually missing…

This intangible, abstract thing that is neither a step nor an advice. Maybe because it’s is too private, too individual, too unpopular. And this may be exactly why  the healing happened, why the love came. Who knows?

The innate part we may need to reconnect with. The mystery… faith… the state of  prayer. Our trust… is it in life’s perfection, or in ourselves. This could be the real reason, the real force that moves us through pain, and desperation. Towards hope, towards willingness, towards readiness.

Maybe you still need to take the steps, I don’t know. But your openness to the mysterious part of your transformation may save you a lot of struggle while climbing them.

When you acknowledge that you may let things just unfold on their own, without any attempts to control others, to fix the situation, you may discover it’s like taking an elevator to a better state of mind. Or life.

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