What To Do With The Unpleasant Condition of Being Utterly Uninspired.

inspired lifeAre you too lacking inspiration? I can relate.

I need to admit that for some time around the beginning of the year and later in March I felt utterly uninspired. That of course was a joke or a test. My mantra is to live an inspired and empowered life. That’s important for me, this is how I want to feel. And here I’m in the dry desert and not even a drop of inspiration around.  When I realized that this is exactly what’s missing I naturally started looking for it.

But inspiration doesn’t grow on orange trees. I know, because it’s now past the harvest season.

And what inspiration am I talking about? It is not the kind of inspiration we hope we had, to make art, paint the porch, or write a chapter, while we are sitting on the patio on an idle, Sunday, summer afternoon, and we barely have the energy to chase the  flies away from the mojito.

The inspiration I crave, is the kind that makes me look at everything with “new” eyes. Because only then I can really see things. Only then I allow them to amaze me.

I realized this past week or two, that to feel inspired – or anything, anything you want to feel-  it is simply enough to DECIDE: I want to feel inspired.

That’s it. Set a radical intention. Make an irrevocable decision to live an inspired life daily. 

I decided to pay attention to anything that may inspire me. But most importantly to simply BE the way I want to be.

How do you find inspiration or how does it find you?

“Life is not always easy but it can be ecstatic” 



  • Felt “inspired” by what you wrote … I too often go in and out of feeling “uninspired” … and in a way it frightens me … as it makes me feel like I am wasting away. There is so much to do … and am wise enough to know I will never it it all done … but without the energy of inspiration … not much gets accomplished … 🙂

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