Your spiritual beliefs and the concept of “past lives”

a course in miracles

Does the idea of past lives excite and intrigue you? 

I love to listen to the memories of people who vividly remember things from other lives – as it often happens with young children. They are connected and express their inner knowing without self-doubt.  I’m excited for my clients when they find significant information in their regression sessions.  And my own “memories” are incredibly important to me.

So I am often surprised when I mention regression and someone reacts negatively, as if I was inviting them to cook a soup of baby bats, in a cauldron, in front of their church on Sunday. I most definitely don’t.

Past life regression is a therapeutic method. Its goal is to bring inner peace or clarity, emotional healing, release physical symptoms, and deeper understanding of oneself. 

But the question remains:

Do you need to believe in reincarnation to have a regression?

  • It is helpful but optional. Some people spontaneously go to a past life in a “regular” hypnosis session and report on events from “other times.”
  • No, you do not need to believe it 100%, but it helps when you not reject this possibility.
  • You do not have to believe in reincarnation,  but then if you don’t,  you are unlikely to seek past life regression (unless you have a problem, you tried everything and this method calls you.)
  • Your belief or lack of belief in past lives is not essential on your path of spiritual evolution. It doesn’t harm it, unless you misuse it. PLR is a tool of inner growth and learning our lessons here on Earth. As long as we learn our lessons it doesn’t matter what tools we use.

If you feel it’s time to have a regression – you will know it’s real. Real in a way that you will feel the emotions, real in a way it will fit into the story of your current life.

Does your religion impact your stand on PLR?

If that is the case:

Where does your religion end, and where do “You” begin?

Do you find it unsafe to explore anything outside your faith?

Are you suppressing your own mind, feelings, and intuition in the name of your religion?

Are you afraid to explore ideas that your church doesn’t support? Why?

If you have a strong emotional reaction to these questions… they are not meant to undermine your faith, only explore it. If your religious upbringing starts bothering you, like wearing a coat that is too small for you – if it’s  limiting your self-expression, inner truth, joy and freedom – it could be time to explore it, expand your spirituality, whether thru regression or spiritual coaching.

What does A Course of Miracles (my favorite spiritual book) say about reincarnation?

  • It says that in the ultimate sense, reincarnation is impossible, since there is no past or future. In other words: everything is happening now.  (that means: time is not linear. I find this concept still hard to incorporate into my daily life, but I appreciate it in the healing work, when we work on the “past”)
  • At the same time ACIM says that  birth is not the beginning and death is not the end.

How to interpret it? When I first read it, I thought: I love a “Course in Miracles” AND I will not doubt my inner truth. You can be dedicated to something AND honor your truth.

Now I read it and think: Yes, A Course in Miracles supports the idea!

No matter what, as we expand our awareness and tap into deeper level of consciousness, it is hard to fit into any system. Our spiritual needs can only be fulfilled when we allow ourselves the freedom to explore, question, and be true to our inner guidance.

To some people the idea of past lives may be comforting – and if that’s your case – the value of it is self-evident.

Thinking about reaching out to me to have regression therapy?  Your curiosity and openness is helpful, but your definite belief in it is not required.

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*** What is A Course in Miracles?  It’s a psychological mind training to help us live more conscious lives and build inner peace. It is not a religion but a self study spiritual thought system. To find out more visit the Foundation of Inner Peace page or get the book here

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