6 Things That Are Messing With Your Intuition

“You are sabotaging yourself every time you negotiate with your intuition” – Caroline Myss.

candleblocks to intuition

Things that may interfere with your inner guidance:

1.TRUST  / Not trusting yourself.

One thing is to recognize and listen to your inner voice, another thing is to trust it and follow it. Sometimes, when it’s too late, or we are up to neck in problems, we say, with the expression of having at least PhD: “I knew it!”, But what would it take to follow that voice even if we are scared?

Learn to trust yourself. Slowly but consistently, bring up the inner wisdom that is stored within.In learning to trust ourselves, each person who wants to grow, need to experience a period of time when we lose the sight of one shore (the known) before we can reach the next (the unknown).

2. FEAR / You let the fear guide you.

Fear is never a sign of inner wisdom. Fear brings out the worst in you. It let you compromise who you are. Fear will have a disastrous consequences in all areas of life, but when it comes to intuition you may have a fear of being seen as unreasonable. Or you may consider intuition as something very “feminine” and you can’t afford it, so you stick to logic.

It is important to learn to distinguish between the voice of intuition and the voice of fear. One can truly warn you about a real danger, the other can paralyze you. For example when you are about to fly, your intuition may warn you not to board the plane that will crush (actually there might be a whole sequence of events leading to you not making it on time), but many people experience a paralyzing fear of flying, despite of the airplanes making it safely to the destination.


Your self doubt is stronger than your self esteem. Next time someone will negotiate with your intuitive choice, notice what happens with your self esteem, it may be sinking… (this is a place for you to find the source of your courage and power)  Someone may be used to manipulating you, overpowering you,  just  because they feel they can. And to some degree you allowed it. The moment you stand up for your intuition, the moment you stand up for yourself at all, may mark the beginning of the change of this “power and control” relation. This will melt self doubt and gradually increase your self esteem.

4. Ignoring the NOCTURNAL PANIC.

You are in bed…  somewhere between the awaken and the sleep state you suddenly open your eyes and have an anxiety attack. You suddenly hear a strong “no!” from somewhere.

The next day you may be signing a job contract or getting married. You were so excited all the time, and for wrong reasons,  that you didn’t pay attention to the small signs whispering to you, that it is not a good idea.

What follows if you agree to take the voice seriously?  Caroline Myss say:

  • The nocturnal panic starts around 8:30 pm and reaches maximum at midnight…  you feel very uncomfortable..
  • You start a conversation with yourself… the intuitive voice may tell you to not get married or to not sign the contract “If I do this I will be miserable” or you might have been struggling with setting out on an adventure, or coming out of the closet (intuition said yes but the family and the reason said no) your voice may be  saying “if I don’t do this I will be unhappy”
  • Another step is when you hear yourself asking: Am I willing to live with the consequences of doing it?  Caroline says – if you ask this, the guidance is real.

5. Seeking APPROVAL from others.

Looking for answers in the wrong places? Caroline Myss on fear and the need of acceptance:

“You cannot open up to your intuitive state, if you need to run to others for permission to hear it. It may be that you do not want to hear and live with consequences of listening to your intuition. You only want to hear the goodies that will cover your back side. The irony is you need to have the courage first to find out that you can survive the Unknown. You cannot have the unknown filled by anyone but yourself.

Searching for approval, especially when you have a strong inner need to do something is like saying: you know better what is best for me. I don’t count, I don’t know.

This is not to say that going against approval is always good. We naturally want to be accepted in everything we do, and the opposite of approval – the critique- can easily disempower us and hurt us. This is again about finding the balance between knowing where it’s ok to compromise your needs for the common good and where not to, knowing that this compromise will violate who you are.


Lack of sleep, nourishment, some meds, drugs or jet lag may try to convince you of your prophetic abilities.

Learning to follow your intuition will take practice. You may get images or sensations that will prove to be wrong. With time you will learn what they are. Martha Beck warns us in “Finding your own North Star”

“Body first, emotions next, intuition last”. “When you’re sensing some urgent messages from within, first make sure your body is healthy, fed, and rested. Check your emotions for unhealed wounds. Physical impairment or emotional shrapnel, when mistaken for psychic knowledge or the word of God, can lead you off your true path in the weirdest way.”

 What were your biggest obstacles to intuition? How did you overcome them? 

  • Luli says:

    Hi! what if my intuition is contradicting? The other one says dont do it, run and the feeling of being choke, but then the next time it says go and sometimes it gives me butterflies. Its hard to trust it. I dont know what to do.

  • Luli, it tells you exactly what to do…
    Sounds like you are describing a situation with another person- be or not be involved…
    Intuition may not necessarily lead you to happy ending. It may simply lead you to a place that is best for your growth. Which of course may hurt.

    Intuition speaks to you many ways, one of them is thru the body sensations “feeling of being choked” – though it may teach you something, why go there?
    There are better feelings to feel in life…
    What good may come from this?

    And did anyone ever went wrong listening to inner voice saying “run!”
    Butterflies actually are another fight or flight reaction.

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