How to make confident decisions, aligned with who you are?

Making decisions can be so tricky! It’s easy to go back and forth on both, big and small choices.

The easiest way

When deep in your heart you know, you learned to trust the feeling, and you are fine with taking risks – you probably don’t spend much time deciding. But there may be times you also struggle. What do you use as a guidepost then?

Are “the pros and cons” enough?

The most reasonable way of deciding is looking at the pros and cons. It has its place. But how many time have you chosen something with many pros and you were miserable? And why many choices that seemingly have lost of cons end up being fulfilling? Reason has its powers and its limitations. We often forget to use our reason or we use it in convoluted way.  Not to mention, we often think we are using logic and reason while in fact, we are being totally unreasonable.

Sometimes a simple question: “why do I want this? What makes me think I should have it / do it?” can give us enough clarity.

Using the inner guidance system.

In the videos below I talk about 4 ways to use our inner guidance.

The guideposts in this video are:

  • Making decisions aligned with our values.
  • Telling apart the voice of the Ego vs Soul (if you don’t believe in Soul, replace it with your Truth)
  • Body sensations (mind and body are one – as the scientific research already from the 70’s shows,  but we generally are slow to keep up with science)


Second video has been removed. The guidepost was: am I making this decision out of self-respect?  Will I respect myself after this decision? 

What are your favourite ways of making big and small decisions. How did you make the biggest decisions in your life?

Still have hard time deciding? You may be dealing with inner conflicts. In private sessions, I’m using two systems to help clients with their inner conflicts. Connect with me so we can resolve yours.