but, do you really want to be empowered?

Does every person want to be empowered? I think this is a mistake to think so.

What’s closer to the truth for some of us, is that we just want: the end results of empowerment, the illusions, the expression of empowerment  and in our world it’s usually the material possessions, the success (in whatever form we see it from the outside) we don’t really want the work that comes before that.

My definition of empowerment:

I take 100% responsibility

I do the work

I find the resources to make it happen.

I choose to believe that there is something within me that will overcome any circumstances

What’s the price of empowerment?

What are we losing?

  • The right to blame other people.
  • The right to blame our circumstances.
  • The ability (if we are honest with ourselves) to believe our limiting thoughts and nonsense
  • The right to use excuses
  • The ease of relying on someone else to make a decision.

What else happens?

  • You may feel more open and vulnerable
  • You may feel more humble.

When you “do the work” you realize how much work everything takes.  As I am creating relatively small things, I see this: how much patience with the medium, patience with myself it takes, the doing and redoing, second guessing, overcoming perfectionism and doubts. The faith needs to be refueled daily. And still: do I really want to be empowered? And my answer for today is: to a degree. Tomorrow I may have more courage. Tomorrow I may be more willing to do the harder work.

So the question is do you really want to be empowered? 

Do you want to do the work? Do you want to believe that there is something within you that will overcome any circumstances? Do you want to do the inner work, because you will witness yourself fully: your weakness and your genius, your excuses and limiting beliefs, self doubt and all kinds of ghosts from the past.

What are you ready to take 100% responsibility for? 

What excuses will you drop?

Are you ready to do the work, and what actions will you take?

Let me know. It will be worth it.

“I wished I stayed small, I wished I never asked more of myself” – said no one ever.

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