How to stop creating New Limiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are not based on facts. They are just negative thoughts. And their role is to sabotage our life. 

I used to think of limiting beliefs as something that has been formed long time ago, when we were less than 7 year old, or even before we were born, or even in the past lives. And based on my work and the work of more experienced people, I know it’s true.

But there is something we forget to pay attention to.

Our mind can create limiting beliefs every single day. 

In this video I wanted to bring your attention to these moments, and to show you, how we can prevent the negative beliefs from forming.

When you practice focusing on the right thing, you will notice an IMMEDIATE difference in your self esteem, energy, quality of your thoughts. What used to be a problem, no longer is.

It’s not about doing it perfectly, not about doing it every single time. It’s about remembering you have a choice.

If a part of your life is not “working” I can help. In my coaching / hypnotherapy work I helped hundreds of people break thru their limiting beliefs and improve situations even when it was “other people’s fault.” Schedule a non obligation 30 min call with me and let’s get to work!

How to change a limiting belief in an express way? Watch this