9 Ways To Change Your Limiting Beliefs (also those you don’t realize you have)

limiting beliefs

It’s often not clear to us, that some of our thoughts, some of our beliefs are limiting.

If there is an area of life we struggle with, we often think “this is how things are”, this is the reality””I am just not a person who can  (do it differently, have more, be more, etc)

And we don’t realize that THOSE ARE out limitations, that those thoughts stop us from even trying.

Types of limiting beliefs:   a. Conscious.   b. Inherited and/or subconscious.  c. Result of lack of knowledge

Below are some ways to transform our limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs.

Please don’t do them all at once. Except the first one – it’s always helpful. Choose one and work with it for couple of weeks, and above all: choose one that speaks to you.

1 ) The simplest way:

1. Admit the problem is in your thinking (and admit that your thinking now isn’t working on your behalf )

2. Make a decision to turn it around. DECIDE to believe an empowering idea about this situation.

take responsibility, stop blaming others, know that you have an access to your inner wisdom, inner guidance – that will lead you to the place of empowerment) Not all people want to be empowered, because that means: we need to actually take action, do more work.

“Beliefs are actually biological constructs in the body. Our cells contain our memory banks” says Christiane Northrup M.D.

Yes, there is no separation between the body and the mind. The body IS our subconscious mind. Your thinking patterns in your brain will need to be changed, rewired. That’s why change sometimes literally hurts. Go thru it with an open mind and curiosity.

2)  Hypnotherapy / hypnosis – Some of the most common limiting beliefs (that sits deeply in the body) are  fears: of heights, dogs, flying, speaking, spaces, not being able to lose weight, etc.

Knowing that your conscious mind is about 15%, and subconscious about 85% of your mind, isn’t it a good idea to take care of the larger part? A clinical hypnotherapist, like me, will help you to discover and clarify what your limiting beliefs are.  In the alpha state of mind, the relaxed state, your mind is open to more possibilities, stressed mind sees only few dark possibilities. In hypnosis (deep guided relaxation) as the hypnotherapist guides you through a story constructed to liberate you from limitations, your subconscious mind will remove the blocks without the effort of your conscious logical mind.

Subconscious intervention – part hypnotherapy, part kinesiology  (muscle testing) discovers when the negative decisions were made and help to clear them. Addresses issues of not being lovable or not enough. Clears the energetic point of negative emotions. (work with  a trained practitioner)

3) Meditation on chakras opening, clearing and reviving the energetic centers of your body. It may not make you aware of what your hidden beliefs are, depending on how tuned in you are, but it will help life’s energy, chi, prana,  to flow with more ease through your body which will reflect in your life as more harmony  (do it yourself, or with self hypnosis recordings, or with a hypnotherapist )

4) Reiki – energy work.  Restores the energy flow in the physical, spiritual, emotional and/or mental body. Removes energy blocks. Restores balance and promotes healing. (work with a practitioner, or do self reiki)

5) EFT –  emotional freedom technique. Very simple. Done by tapping on the meridian points on your body.  Here is a video with instructions: How to tap with Nick Ortner

6) Regular meditation practice. Meditation like insight,  mindfulness, zen, surrender meditations,  give us plenty of time to notice our attachments and release them. Meditation magnifies truth and brings your awareness to your body, strengthening mind, body, spirit connection and communication.

7) Develop healthy self esteem. Pay attention how each of your daily choices reflects your self esteem. Acting from high self esteem will lead you to realization that you deserve more. More than your limiting beliefs tell you.


Spiritual – for the patient ones

It was amazing to me what changes I made in my life, while working with the following programs.  They offer psychological mind training and tools for better life. They are excellent tools to greater self knowledge and clarity. As a religion-free person – I approve!

I list those that helped me.

8) A Course in Miracles a book that serves our awakening and allows us to live more conscious lives. It will challenge your mind and thinking in most positive ways.  You will start seeing the world from more sane perspective.  You will be able to distinguish between what comes from the Soul and what comes from the Ego. ACIM is best read and studied in groups – you may find them in meetup . com in your area.

Marianne Williamson is the world’s most famous teacher of the course. Her most popular book is “A return to Love” and “Ten Bridges to Transformation”

9) The Living Kaballah system  – You can study Kaballah in many ways, it’s possible you will need to buy the books or recordings. Kabbalah is called the technology for the soul and is a training in self knowledge. More psychology than religion, it will bring you clarity as it brought me in creating the major life changes.

Things still don’t work? Check if you are working on the right level?

If you still struggle with inner blocks and desperately need to change a part of your life, write to me and schedule your free call with me.  


If you happen to change your limiting beliefs, tell us, how did it happen, what helped you most?