9 Ways To Change Your Limiting Beliefs (also those you don’t realize you have)

limiting beliefs

It’s often not clear to us, which of our thought, or beliefs, are limiting.

If there is an area of life we struggle with, we often think “this is how things are”, this is the reality”,”I am just not a person who can  (…)”

And we don’t realize that THOSE ARE our limitations. We don’t see that those thoughts stop us from even trying.

Some of our beliefs are conscious: we made a decision to believe it. Some are subconscious: we don’t even realize we have this belief. And still we have other limiting beliefs because we lack knowledge in this specific area.

Below are some ways to transform our limiting beliefs to empowering beliefs.

1 ) The simplest way:

1. Admit the problem is in your thinking (and admit: your thinking isn’t serving you now)

2. Make a decision to turn it around. DECIDE to believe something useful about this situation. Watch your feelings and actions change… With bigger things you may need to create dozens of new  believable thoughts. If you have 100 pounds to lose, thinking – “I am doing it!” may not sustain you throughout the whole weight loss journey. But “This month I commit to dropping 10 pounds” is a small goal that will create a sense of success faster. Thoughts = Results.

2)  Causal Life Coaching  – in the type of coaching I do, we are not staying on the surface of things. We have a conversation that can reveal the cause. It will be a thought… and then we look at the consequences … and then from the new awareness, you naturally start changing things around. 

3) Hypnotherapy / hypnosis – What we can’t find in the “conscious” coaching conversation, we can find in hypnosis. Of course you are also conscious but when your brain frequency slows down – your subconscious mind may reveal more to you. Then we remove the subconscious blocks, and what isn’t done in hypnosis – we take care of in coaching.

“Beliefs are actually biological constructs in the body. Our cells contain our memory banks” says Christiane Northrup M.D.

3) Meditation on chakras opening, clearing and reviving the energetic centers of your body. It may not make you aware of what your hidden beliefs are, depending on how tuned in you are, but it will help life’s energy, chi, prana,  to flow with more ease through your body which will reflect in your life as more harmony  (do it yourself, or with self hypnosis recordings, or with a hypnotherapist )

4) Reiki – energy work.  Restores the energy flow in the physical, spiritual, emotional and/or mental body. Removes energy blocks. Restores balance and promotes healing. (work with a practitioner, or do self reiki)

5) EFT –  emotional freedom technique. Very simple. Done by tapping on the meridian points on your body. You will find many youtube videos with instructions. It does not have to be done perfectly to work!

6) Regular meditation practice. Meditation like insight,  mindfulness, zen, surrender meditations,  give us plenty of time to notice our attachments and release them. Meditation magnifies truth and brings your awareness to your body, strengthening mind, body, spirit connection and communication.


If you still struggle with inner blocks and desperately need to change a part of your life, book your free call with me.  


  • awesome advice, just put out feelers to see if there are any Reiki pros in my area and would love to see who would do the course in miracles with me as well.

    • Joanna says:

      A Course in Miracles can turn to a lifelong affair 🙂 I think I learn it better thru Marianne Williamson’s books and audiobooks – maybe they also have them in your library? (wherever you might be – looks like you are a travel pro!:)

  • Jayme says:

    “Choose one way that resonates with you, one you are drawn to…It’s better to focus on one thing, and engage fully.” I needed this reminder SO MUCH Joanna.

    The past year has been a “learning phase” for me, exploring meditation, reiki, hypnosis, mantra, sacred geometry, energy healing. It was cool at first and I wanted to try so many things and incorporate everything into a daily routine. Soon enough it got so overwhelming, I just stopped everything.

    Thank you for this reminder, I realized how the very things I sought to gain peace became the source of my internal chaos because my ego wanted to do it all. Now focusing on one practice at a time and fully engaging.

    • Jayme, great realization. If just one thing works for you stay with is and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise:)

      I don’t remember if I wrote about it anywhere… being overwhelmed with different healing modalities reminds me of Anita Moorjani, who to heal her cancer tried literally everything. But in the end – when she healed- she knew, the only thing she really needed to do, is to love herself, focus on joy, stop to worry, stop the fear others won’t approve her, and eat as much chocolate as she wants.

      Thank you for coming here. I wanted to tell you you wowed me: after I commented under your blog, the message in the window that showed up was just the nicest thing. I never saw it anywhere else.

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