45 Questions To Transform Your Limiting Beliefs. Part Three

limiting beliefs

I noticed that often when we are stuck, we ask ourselves wrong questions. What is a wrong question? “Why is it always happening to me” well… is there a good response to this? I never heard any.

Or we make useless statements that lead nowhere: “I can’t find a partner…” ” I am just not the kind of person that can lose weight… I’m built this way…. ” “I will always be broke”  – what is the remedy?

Ask a better question and it will lead you to better answers: HOW can I be a better, more attractive person (on the inside and outside) to find the right partner? HOW can I improve my finances? WHAT is the one thing I can do today or this week to improve my finances? You get this.

The quality of your question will change the quality of the answer.

I’m writing about the questions because last week I wrote about overcoming our limiting beliefs. Where do they come from? Why do they stick with us? This was followed by the 9 ways to break them. Here I’m including a pdf… 

6 pages of pretty good questions… get your journal out!

Here I’m attaching a pdf you can download. Go thru the list of questions. They will help you illuminate the deeper reason behind your limiting beliefs. Maybe you will even ask yourself better questions that those I wrote? I’m quite sure. After all, you know yourself better.

How do you know which of your beliefs is limiting? Nothing replaces mindfulness…

The best way to find what your limiting beliefs are, is to:

  1. Focus on the area of life you are unhappy with. Watch your inner dialogue when you think about it.
  2. Question the limiting and negative thoughts.
  3. Turn it around to a positive belief. (a side note: one visible and tangible transformation will require that you change several beliefs. To do this, you need to truly watch your mind, journal to discover those sneaky  negative beliefs that pretend to be true, or let someone listen to you talk freely like it happens in coaching) 

Open the pdf below and think of your problems in the light of those questions. Not all of them may apply to your challenge, but many will.

45 questions to break the limiting beliefs – Google Docs

I divided them into 8 categories:

  1. Square One Questions
  2. Byron Katie- The Work
  3. Fear Questions
  4. Compromise Questions
  5. Blame Questions
  6. Approval
  7. Expansion
  8. Self Esteem Questions – Borrowed from Caroline Myss

45 questions to break the limiting beliefs – Google Docs

Once you journal about them, and I’d use a big journal so you feel more free to write and explore, I would love to hear from you – in the comments below – what have you discovered about your mind, life and possibilities?