Dance When No One Is Watching. [healing thru expression]

There is a movement hidden in your body.

It wants to be awakened. Expressed. Released. And set free.

There are truths you are holding. Hard to express thru language. Hard to retrieve with the mind.

Your body holds he answers, your body knows the truth.

So… dance.

Dance when no one is watching.

Dance to the rhythm of your heart. To the music that moves you. To the sound that honors you.

Express your Self.  Your anger and your love. Your faith and your confusion. Your pain and your shame. You don’t need to know what…  Let the body lead. Let your body talk.

Dance through the process of healing, the path of becoming whole.

No steps, no rules.

This intuitive dance will wake something up: irresistible, unstoppable, powerful, you may not recognize first, as yours. But it is.