What Heals Anger? A short, Heart-Soothing Practice.

wrap your anger in soft blanketClearly, if you often struggle with anger – you must have been hurt. By others, by “life”, maybe you have hurt yourself, by having no boundaries or no self respect.

Do you want to heal? Do you want to leave this emotions behind?

Being human you will always have access to feel anger and resentment  (as well as good positive emotions.)

  • Sometimes anger is the right answer.
  • Sometimes it is a reaction caused by “brain error”, an interpretation of reality that can be transformed with some inner work.
  • Sometimes anger is a habit. Your brain learned it and now you easily feel it.

Few clients who came to me for hypnotherapy and energy healing, found they learned anger early in life, in childhood, as a coping mechanism. Now in adulthood they realized it does not serve them at all. Sometimes we uncover anger when someone comes to work on self-love or to grow their business! We work on the forgotten parts of the psyche…

If you do this healing on your own, know that one of the most powerful remedies to anger is compassion. Self-compassion. No, it will not change directly the external facts or the past, that made you angry , but it will feel healing to your heart. And your heart matters.

Imagine the hurt part of you enveloped in the softest blanket of love and compassion. Imagine the compassion coming to you from all over the world.

Imagine you have all the love of the world now. Flowing to you from sources you didn’t know about. Every prayer, loving thought ever sent your way. Stay under the “blanket” until as much love is absorbed as needed for the healing. You can never run out of it. Let your imagination make it better and better.

And tell me: does it make a difference?

There is a longer, deeper  process that helps with repressed anger. If you want me to help you transform it and heal, I’m here to help. 

(original post 2013. Updated 2022)