Better Relationships after Divorce – a conversation with Michelle Vasquez


A conversation with another life coach Michelle Vasquez: Why do we lose ourselves? what challenges are we facing in life after divorce, and how do we find ourselves? We talk about restoring the relationship with ourselves and Healing the wounds and past conditioning.

00:50 losing ourselves

02:19 what changes when we get a coach 

04:25 how we lose ourselves in a marriage and in our roles

06:30 What gets in a way of entering new relationships relationship with yourself

07:00 the suitcase metaphor

09:45 the lemon metaphor

10:25 unhealed triggers

12:20 not good at relationships?

14:00 complete yourself

22:13 an example of a breakthrough and fast transition

23:45 what are we waiting for?

26:16 emotions after divorce

29:00 i didn’t love myself to stand up for myself

29:50 forgiveness

Are you going through big changes in life? Are you loving yourself through this experience? It may not be the first thing you would think of, but wouldn’t you rather go thru this with self-respect, having your back?

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