What to read? Recommendations from my Library (Check out this new page!)

I love books… People ask me often where do I have this or that information. A lot comes from trainings, but I also gain a lot from reading and then teach that as it relates to the subjects I coach on. What am I reading?  Mainly books from the categories of : spirituality (both deep and light) nutrition, personal development, creativity. I share them here:

What to read?

I had so much fun creating this page! I think it is beautiful. Check it out.

The current list of 36 books does not come close to what I intend to include; the page will be updated overtime.

(and I hope you don’t mind… I’m going to keep some books a secret 🙂 I think some books find us when we are ready…)

What are you reading now? What kind of a book are you looking for now?