If I was just starting my weight loss journey – I’d do one of these 12 things

If I was just starting my weight loss process on my own, without a coach… if I wanted to end my emotional eating, overeating generally… this is what I would do…

I’d choose the EASIEST thing first.

I’d pick a healthier habit that would come naturally to me.

The reason is, when we start simple, we create success sooner, we will see results faster, we don’t need to wait so long for proof that we can do it. (by the way there are many ways to measure progress)

And then, once I’d do it without much resistance, I would add “the next best, the next logical habit.”

Since I have a lot of ideas labeled: “the first thing I’d do” and not all things can be first, ha!  they are not in any specific order. Do you see anything that excites you, and is easy enough, yet you know it would improve things for you?

What is the first thing you would do?

Pick one and run with it!

  1. Food Journal: Write down what you really eat. We are often in denial. “I don’t really eat that much sweets.” Then after a week go thru the list and notice the common thread. Circle any simple carbs and sugar. Why we do it: When we bring awareness to something we start changing it.
  2. Release Self-Judgement. The new awareness if not a reason to judge yourself. How you have been eating is a neutral fact. No reason to judge. Why we do it: we don’t take positive actions from negative emotions. When you feel judged, how inspired or motivated are you to eat better?
  3. Create independence. If you say “I can’t live without xyz” pay attention. It means you depend on it maybe too much.  If you drink a lot of soft drinks, or eat a lot of chocolate covered pretzels,  start cutting back just one at a time.  prove to yourself you can live without it. Slow and steady vs dramatic actions! (I recall it was very challenging for me. Now I help people with this in my program)
  4. Meet your hunger. Every time you want to eat, ask yourself: am I hungry physically ? Why we do it: if we want to lose weight we don’t eat when we are not hungry. (there are exceptions)
  5. Ask why. Every time you are about to eat, ask yourself : why do I even want to eat it? Why we do it: We are often eating for the most ridiculous reasons, like: because it is there. Or because other people are eating. or because I don’t see the bottom of the package yet.  And then you pay the price. And then you wonder “Why can’t I lose weight” Now you know.
  6. Pay attention if you are feeling deprived.  Smart weight loss is not about suffering, it is about taking care of yourself. it’s about commitment to your wellness. It is not about “never” eating the cake. It is about knowing WHY you are eating it in the first place. It is not about never eating the WHOLE pie. It is about knowing how much is really enough. (On this page, I talk about the illusion of deprivation in video #2)
  7. If late night overeating is an issue,  tune in and check what do you feel and what do you really need. How can you create this emotional state without food. Why we do it: we learn to create feelings on purpose. We stop numbing.
  8. Prioritize protein. Make it a rule to eat protein first, first thing in the morning or first thing on the plate. Why we do it: the natural tendency is to focus on the simple carbs because they drive the pleasure response high. But the body will keep searching for food until it received enough protein. Simple carb foods are very poor source of protein (obvious but often we don’t connect the dots) this is the reason we can eat 5 donuts and still feel like we didn’t have enough. Prioritizing protein will keep you satisfied longer. (Learn more from this excellent book: “Deep Nutrition”)
  9. Stop telling yourself it is hard to quit sugar. You will make it so much harder if you keep thinking that. You will justify overeating because you believe it is hard. (If you are seriously hooked on sweets, don’t quit. Start reducing) I share my 7 day quit sugar challenge here. 
  10. Stop talking shit about your body. It is a habit. My body this, my body that. Your body is listening. Your body is not going anywhere so start repairing this relationship. Support your body instead of demanding from it miracles, while you keep eating crap on a daily.
  11. Eat more vegetables (complex carbs)– those vegetables that are dying on the bottom of the fridge? It’s a sign. Sometimes you simply need to learn how to prepare the vegetables. Here are my favorite recipe books that focus on veggies: Plenty More,  , Nutrient Dense (also has meat recipes) , Garden of Eating (no photos, still excellent)
  12. Forgive yourself … all day long. Forgive yourself for the excess weight you created over the years. Forgive yourself for not knowing. Forgive yourself for knowing and not doing. Forgive yourself for not having your back then. Forgive yourself for overeating last night. Why we do it: blaming yourself will make you eat more. And nothing good will come from this. Forgiving yourself is a part of self-love. And something good will come from this.


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