The Benefits of Food Journaling and How to Do it [3 videos]

Food Journaling is a useful tool when we want to lose weight. In fact, I think it is indispensable. Without it – how would we know what to change?

These are the main benefits of food journaling:

  • It helps us to be aware of what we eat.
  • This habit won’t let us to stay in denial.
  • It helps us to gather data. Now we will know what to change.
  • It also helps us measure progress down the road.
  • (I talk about the benefits in this video) 

How to do food journaling?

It is simple. I talk about it in this video 

And these are the three worksheets for each week.

In the 1st week we are writing down foods AFTER we ate them. From week #2 we plan ahead what we WILL eat. Planning is a big part of weight loss. Week #3 is a framework for the weeks and months ahead.

Food Journal Week 1 – Google Docs

Food Journal Week 2 – Google Docs

Food Journal Week 3 – Google Docs

What are we looking at when we analyze the food journal?

What kind of conclusions should we draw?  After all we need to change something we do in order to have better results. This video describes the basics of how we can interpret it. 

What are the obstacles to journaling?

You may simply quit. Why? Why do we quit anything?

Because an activity is not pleasant. We FEEL discouragement, or discomfort. But the activity will not change to more pleasant unless we change how to look at it.

You will feel a big shift when you decide to have more patience for yourself and the process, you approach it with curiosity and non judgement.