Can past life regression assist in our spiritual growth?

In 2020/2021, nearly all regression requests I received were about finding purpose. To hear the voice from within. Why do we need to know our purpose? What do we want to hear? 

You stopped and reflected… maybe you achieved a lot of things in the material world, but something is missing. You thought you would feel complete once you made something happen, but everything you wanted happened, and you still want more. Without the deeper meaning nothing can feed your Soul. 

You know your potential can’t end here, so you keep searching. 

Nothing replaces going within and knowing yourself on a new level. 

But what are we searching for? 

  • Who we are
  • Who we were
  • Where do we come from
  • Where are we going
  • How is our current life a continuation of the past lives
  • Our Soul and its path across dimensions and time 

Spiritual growth is about personal development.

What exactly are we developing?

The details of our individual growth will differ. But collectively, our Souls directs us to go to the Light. To use our free will in an aligned way.  To conquer the darkness within. To trust ourself. To co-create with the Spirit. To acknowledge our Divine nature. 

How does it look like for you specifically? 

Past life regression is one of the tools to expand your awareness, receive guidance, see and undo the patterns. 

You will need to put additional effort into understanding the lessons and then decide how to use the wisdom in your daily life. 

For sure, it is not the only way. No matter what you choose, the key is to go within.