Can past life regression assist in your spiritual growth?

In 2020/2021, nearly all regression requests I received were about finding purpose. To hear the voice from within.  But why do you need to know your purpose? And how do you know you are not in touch with it now? What do you want to hear? 

Usually you will be searching for purpose when you feel unfulfilled, lost, down, when you feel you have the potential and you don’t know exactly where to direct it.

If you think about past life regression maybe it’s because you stopped and reflected… maybe you achieved a lot but something is still missing. You thought you would feel complete once you made something happen, but everything you wanted happened, and you still want more. Without the deeper meaning nothing can feed your Soul. 

You know your potential can’t end here, so you keep searching. 

But what are we searching for? 

  • Who we are, really 
  • Who we were (how our past influences our present) 
  • Where do we come from
  • Where are we going (what else is here to learn or do)
  • How is our current life a continuation of the past lives
  • We are searching for our Soul

Spiritual growth is about personal development.

What exactly are we developing?

The details of our individual growth will differ.  Each of us has something specific to learn that was not learned yet. It may be very unique to each of us. It may be obvious in the mistakes we keep making. Some teachers would say we are developing our inner power. Trust in ourselves. Independence. Letting go. Forgiveness.

Generally our Souls directs us to go to the Light. To use our free will in an aligned way, to conquer the darkness within, to co-create with the Spirit, to acknowledge our Divine nature.

How does it look like for you specifically? 

Past life regression is one of the tools:

  • to expand your awareness,
  • to get to know yourself deeper (or more precisely, to remind yourself who you are) 
  • receive guidance,
  • see the negative patterns and receive guidance on how to break them (that will be the lesson to learn) 

After regression

After a past life session is good to spend some time and reflect on what you experienced. You can connect the dots between your current life and the past life.  The possibilities of what it may be for you are limitless. 

Past life regression can help us in our spiritual growth

It is not the only path. You do not have to do it. It is possible to achieve similar results in causal coaching when you don’t hold yourself back from saying things “that make no sense” – this is how we are finding the traces of something deeper.

Past life regression however gives you a unique emotional experience as you go thru the situations. This is what can help you learn and change what you need to change faster. For example, you may have a situation with a new person you are dating, or start working with, this person may remind you of someone from your past lives. You may get a similar feeling to the one from the session. You may recall – I need to stand my ground with this person, and do not sacrifice myself.

Or the opposite. Your life’s lesson may be to do and give more.

The regression will help you find yourself in the context of the current life.