What to be Aware of Before Past Life Regression

Past life regression, Phoenix AZ

Perhaps your past life regression will take you on a beautiful adventure  Photo Joanna Zajusz

Many people are fascinated by the idea of past life regression. Others like to argue, using logic – completely useless here – that reincarnation doesn’t make sense. But in the end, it doesn’t matter if you believe in past lives.  If you tried everything else to resolve your issue, and nothing worked, it may be a time for a regression. 

What matters in regression: did it help you in your life today?

How can it help? 

  • It may assist you in your spiritual growth
  • It can help resolve some of your life’s mysteries.
  • It can help you to understand better yourself, your habits, your desires.
  • Regression may conquer phobias, nightmares.
  • It can alleviate or eliminate pain and sometimes even physical conditions. (not guaranteed)
  • Regression may amaze you… like borrowing a time machine, or getting on a roller coaster that will take you thru dimensions, time and space… it may feel like walking thru portals to other worlds.
  • This type of hypnosis can allow you to see your life from a different perspective, to see the contracts you have been “assigned” in this life.
  • You can be taken not only to the past but also to the future and to the space in between lives.
  • It may help in the process of grieving and forgiveness.
  • But since you never know what to expect, this kind of hypnosis can also help to open you up emotionally, touching a place you forgot about. It can be an experience that is purifying, healing on many levels.

What do we believe in?

3/4 of Americans believe in life after death and 1/4 in reincarnation – from a 2009 survey. Almost half claim to have a spiritual or mystical experience and believe that miracles happen.

Past life regression is the only type of hypnotherapy technique, that we can call a therapy (regression therapy, age regression therapy * )

Norm Shealy, an American neurosurgeon,  calls it;

the most powerful psychotherapy technique. 

What do you need to be aware of when exploring the past lives? Is there anything to fear?

1. Don’t take it literally. It’s a symbol. Not an evidence you can take to a court. In the process, we become aware of images from other times, other places. Just like in age regression experiences will come to the surface. ONE THING TO REMEMBER is that the images you see cannot be used as evidence. We do not treat them as literal. They MAY BE, but they may not be.  What matters is that it healed you**, that it set you free.  Our subconscious mind communicates with us often thru metaphors.  The subconscious will make us aware of certain situations, maybe symbolic situations, to help us in the goal we set for the process.

2. Establish a goal for the regression.  There has to be a goal set for the process. It’s much more helpful than to go in out of curiosity.

3. You will feel the feelings. Many people go thru an emotional experience. In the relaxed state, you actually FEEL the emotions in a deeper way, than you would, simply imagining it in a waking state of consciousness. You also learn the lesson, extract wisdom from the situation.

4. You will only see what is useful to see. Sometimes we are afraid of what we are going to see in our mind’s eye.

a. Some people are afraid they will see something that will scare them. However it is believed that your subconscious mind will not show you anything you are not ready to see. And the images that will appear will relate to your question / intention.  It’s true, some people report seeing unpleasant things, but as you talk about them you can choose not to go into the detail, and the hypnotherapist will help you to raise about the events and just observe.

b. When my clients are going thru some painful moments in the past lives, they could be crying, they express pain (and felt the feelings)  but the awareness of those situations helped the persons to understand their current issue.  Because it’s a conversational hypnosis, the hypnotherapist that guide you thru the experiences knows that you feel uneasy and can compassionately help you move on.

c. Sometimes the regression may upset you for days after… this was a case with a woman who went thru 4 lifetimes in our session, and was really unhappy afterwards. The events in her life and the world in the following days put her into the state of depression and hopelessness. Until one morning (a week after the session) everything clicked for her, and the insights from the past lives helped her to make sense of everything that was happening around, and she had a renewed faith in her own power and abilities…

5. You have a free will also in hypnosis. In my personal experience, when I used regression therapy to resolve my own pain, I became aware of the possible danger that awaited me, as if I was visiting the scene remembering, and I have chosen – in the regression – not to proceed. My hypnotherapist gently pushed me so I could resolve the issue, but I wasn’t ready to “see” it, so I didn’t “go” there. It’s good to know you don’t have to proceed to places you are not ready to visit.

6. Are there any contraindications? We react to experiences in an individual way. While there is nothing that contraindicates hypnosis or PLR, aside of a serious mental illness, some people may be more upset than others.  IF YOU FEEL STRONGLY you should not do it – don’t. There are other ways that may be more gentle and also healing for you. Don’t force yourself into something that was great for someone else, but you don’t feel it.

7. If you have a block… There are people that don’t respond to regression. They have a block or simply are not aware of anything. If that happens in my sessions I proceed with a different guided meditation/ visualization technique, to bring clarity to the situation.

PLR is one of my most favorite hypnotherapy techniques, if clients are open to it. If you are interested in it please write to me. When scheduling please pick “hypnotherapy” option. It takes about 2.5 hours.  More here.

* Here is a link to a light, good and general article in NYTimes.com 

Disclaimer    Even though past life regression can called a therapy or psychotherapy technique most hypnotherapists who are trained in it, are not therapists, mental health practitioners, or psychotherapists.

** “Healing” is often used as an emotional healing, spiritual healing. Hypnotherapists are not medical professionals and cannot promise physical healing 


  • Hello Joanna,

    As a fellow past life therapist, I have to admit as well that sessions can bring emotions up to the surface that we may not be prepared for. The disturbing images during the past life regression can stir things up but I still believe that the emotional part is crucial. Some people want to explore their past lives out of curiosity but the truth is that what is seen cannot be unseen. This is why past life regression is such a sensitive topic. Once you open the door to previous lifetimes, there is no way back. In only a few sessions, the client’s life can change forever on a very positive way through transformation and healing.


  • Ankur says:

    Hi, I feel afraid many times without any reason, I have a phobia of what other’s thinking about me, that’s why I am not able to speak confidently. Also, my concentration is going to be weak day by day.

    Does Regression therapy work for me or it would help me to be confident?

    I am also afraid what would happen if I lost my memory during the Regression therapy.

    How to choose the Therapist for the regression?
    Is it any danger in the Regression therapy?

  • Ankur, Sorry for the late response. I don’t know enough about your problem, but for sure: you cannot lose memory. The only “danger” is that you may have an emotional reaction. How to choose a hypnotherapist? I guess someone who can do it in person, close to you, whose voice is pleasant for you, and who hopefully is certified. With the issues that you mentioned it’s possible that any form of hypnotherapy would help, but like with everything it’s best to use a combination of things, whatever method you are drawn to. I hope you find a way to be more confident soon! (I’m in phoenix, AZ if you are close)

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