How To Practice Gratitude So It Works?

gratitudeFew weeks ago in my Sunday Vipassana sitting one woman said something that got me thinking about my gratitude practice. (If that is a subject so overdone for you that you get nausea – a la Jean Paul Sartre – hearing about it, I apologize. I feel the same… but this…)

Studies have been done. Practicing gratitude suppose to increase our level of happiness. But despite of practicing, my happiness meter didn’t go up. I have been doing it wrong recently.

And what she said made me realize that instead of feeling it I was thinking about it. I would do the whole process in my logical mind. I would think of all the things that make my life better, easier and thought of all things I am grateful I don’t need to endure. I would thank for people, things, events, my luck, my coffee, the fruit I can reach for in my garden, and the luxuries that were not luxury 100 years ago, and that I don’t need to sit in traffic every morning.

And I changed something. Now when I’m being thankful every cell of my body feels the thrill.

The difference: I moved the process from my head to my heart.

How? You don’t even need to use any words. Just bring the image or a sense of the person you are grateful for, or the vision of your life to your heart and spend a minute or two with it.

I bet you will feel the difference. Tell about it…
(Correction in the video: in the heart space should be: how, not why)
how to practice gratitude so it works