Six practices to heal from self-judgement and feel empowered [video]

Brief description:

The habit of self-judgement creates excessive stress, worry, slows us down and prevents us from accessing the potential we have available now in this moment. On top of this: it makes us devalue our ideas.

Why is it often so hard to let it go? It protects us. We created it as a self defense mechanism. In childhood and in adulthood. It is based on fear and it keeps us small. (was it the intention of those who initiated it?)

Six practices to start letting go of self-judgement:

1) Realize that self-judgement lied to you. It promised to make you be better and do better. But the opposite it true.

2) Fire the inner Judge. Amplify the voice of the inner Mentor, friend, Ideal parent who has your best interest in mind.

3) As you let go of the negative emotions of critique or shame, replace the empty space with a positive feeling.

4) Forgive yourself for the judgment and for everything related to it.

5) Stop focusing on what’s wrong, start focusing on what’s good and right

6) Learn to have your own back. Before you expose yourself again to the critics, decide on purpose: what do you think and feel about yourself, your work, your art, your progress… Value your opinion above that of the irrelevant critics.

(This is a partial transcript)