Is quitting sugar hard? [Part 1]

Quit sugar? For some of us it’s like taking away the air we breathe.  We find reasons why it’s not normal or not practical. We roll our eyes at the healthy eaters. Or we are in denial about how much we eat. We walk around complaining “Quitting sugar is so haaard!”

(Well… hell, yeah! It’s a f&^% addiction!) However, when you put it in perspective:

it could be one of the easiest things we will do in life.

And that comes from a sugar addict. I want to ask you this question: What does it mean when we say something is “hard”?

I know this for sure: you have already done much harder things

childbirth, kidney stones, surgeries, breaking a bone, losing someone you love to a terminal disease or a drunk driver, going thru a medical school, getting a black belt, working 3 jobs, divorce, losing a house, losing a business, losing everything you worked for, a dying pet, betrayal, flood, fire, and so on.

These things are hard.

Skipping the dessert, planning your meals, reducing alcohol or choosing a nutrient dense meal over pizza ARE NOT HARD.

What is it then?

The way I see it it’s a privilege of being alive and having options.  It’s a privilege of being at a point in life when you can focus on and invest in your health.* It’s not luxury either. It’s responsibility to yourself.

However if it truly seems the hardest thing in the moment, you will benefit from…

A Body-Mind-Spirit approach

You would benefit from creating alignment, finding the underlying causes and using all the resources you already have within you. It is hard to demand change from your body without the right preparation, when even the mind rebells against this change.  The internal dis-agreement means: drama.  Have you noticed how the drama goes away and everything is easier, when your whole body-mind-spirit is on board with what you do?

Alignment in place of resistance. Patience in place of hurry.  Energy that moves you forward in place of confusion.

If you need support with mindset and nutrition, click here. 

  • * Immunity, aging, hormones, cardiovascular and brain health (full list of sugar’s  impact on the body in: “Deep Nutrition” Catherine Shanahan M.D.