Cure overspending by Mindset Makeover and New “Shopping Identity.”

Overspending can be “cured” using the same principles I use to stop overeating and over-drinking. (in coaching and hypnotherapy)  Just like overeating creates excess pounds on the body, overspending creates excess debt on the credit cards. We over-do these pleasures to avoid certain thoughts and feelings. But this only creates more uncomfortable feelings… so the cycle continues.

Do you struggle with this problem? How long have you been delaying addressing it?

It is not only the money that is wasted here. It is also an opportunity to find true satisfaction and fulfillment in places you cannot see yet… but you will, as soon as you face the challenge.

Instant gratification – Long term damage.

Just like with the other habits we feel deprived in the beginning of this process. This deprivation is an illusion. We need to experience some withdrawal from the unhealthy habit, before we adjust to the level of what’s healthy. (“Unhealthy”: something that creates long term negative consequences, and damage. “Healthy” being: it serves you and creates long term positive consequences.)

You had valid, likely subconscious, reasons to initiate it.

No habit is developed in a vacuum.

a) We can generalize that overspending boils down to the belief:  “I am not enough” or “I am not worthy.”*

b) Often it comes from feelings we want to avoid. Examples:  bored (shopping creates excitement), or from feeling avoidant (there is something more important to do, but we prefer to procrastinate with shopping.)  Or from feeling anxiety and tension (shopping can be relaxing).

You need a Mindset Makeover.

It is not enough to know that the above beliefs are the root cause.

You need to create new belief, new mindset, and new “Shopping Identity” that will fully support your undeniable worthiness, without sacrifice.

This is an inner process of discovering your truth, and your path out of this. When you decide to be get coached (or have hypnotherapy) on that, click here to schedule a free call with me.  

Yes, Coaching costs money, but when you take action on your breakthroughs, you create lasting positive changes.  You gain tools for life.

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*It’s a dopamine hit and for a second it gives you the illusion that you are worthy when you have brand x,y,z. But not for long… Can you imagine the freedom when you disconnect your worthiness as a human being, from the monetary value of your belongings? Do it before you have to.