Our healing journeys have these things in common (video)


In this video I talked about :

01:47 what are we healing from and where are we going?

02:57 what we are not doing ? we are not going back…

03:22 how does it start? the big events

03:33 slow awakening midnight anxiety

04:00 five stages of grief

04:15 how we get stuck in denial and victimhood

05:45 crossing the bridge, a point of no return

07:00 finding a support group and leaving it

08:50 solitary travels

09:14 finding our teachers healers and shamans

09:55 retreats,  change of environment

10:08 dark night of the soul

10:55 four levels of change: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual

11:25 midnight anxiety – messages from your Soul and your potential

13:21 the Universe may test your commitment

14:00 when you have done enough of this healing work already! possibility for an energetic shift

15:00 how long does it take?

16:00 letting go