Free guide: five ways to prove you are stronger than the food

When we struggle with weight it seems like food is stronger than us.  This short ebook will help you identify five areas where we can take our power back in weight loss. I put it together to help you gain more awareness.  Whether you feel in control, standing in your authority depends on your mind. So I’m not telling you what to do, but how to shift your mind.
We lose power and authority in these situations – that I describe more in the ebook:
  • when we identify too much with a failure, when we have a perspective on failure that is useless.
  • when we unconsciously say yes to instant gratification (and no to long term satisfaction)
  • when we don’t have good relationship with ourselves (and that is reflected in our mind. Therefore it can be changed in our mind – best news!)
  • when we are confused by our conflicting thoughts (you want to lose weight but you want the cake too)
  • when we don’t understand the urges to overeat and how to overcome them

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🏹 Feel the difference. 

Take your power back

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(If you don’t know how to practice something-  just ask me, here or on IG.)

While the content seems short and simple, I want you to know  – it is packed. We could take each of the points and work for weeks on it, sometimes months. How long does it take to reinvent your relationship with yourself? How long dos it take to be more patient with yourself (instead of losing patience and beating yourself up)? For most of us it’s not an overnight change.

When you change relationship with yourself, you change how you relate to the food, how you act in situations when there are other people and food involved. If you have a habit of overeating what someone made, just so they are not offended, this habit says something about your relationship with yourself, the food and the person. The habit of pleasing others is often the habit of betraying yourself. 

When you are patient with yourself you speed up the transformation. Because patience means love and love feels better. Just like now it may feel normal to judge yourself,  you can transform it to patience and that will feel natural. How long does it take to change self judgement to patience? Not overnight but every step of the process is worth it.

Which of the five chapters do you want to practice first?