[video] How our survival archetypes affect our weight (and other) goals

If the survival archetypes are an integral part of us, how do we transform their shadow into light?How do we overcome them? First let’s see how do they express themselves in daily life.

It all boils down to your language – thoughts and feelings.

You will do the most effective work between you mind and your heart.

The mind – also means the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the body, the cellular memory. The archetypes will express themselves in your language and thoughts. This is where you will find them – this is exactly what you can work with to create change. 


1:20 what is an archetype

2:10 when you see help with healing what modalities should you choose? The most powerful work will happen between the mind and the heart

6:00 survival archetypes – generally speaking

8:45 survival archetypes in detail

9:00 the Prostitute, the sell out

11:00 the Victim

13:45 the Saboteur

18:30 the Child