If you were a queen… change your perspective, change the results

(I always write for both men and women, but this may be for women only… however there must be an equivalent for men. If you are one, what archetype would help you immediately step into your higher self? King? Knight? Superman? Warrior? Magician? …)

Sometimes, if you are caught up in a conflict,  if you are trying to resolve a situation and you can’t find a way, ask yourself this:

If I was a queen, what would I do? How would I approach this? 

Sometimes I feel I need to ask this question my girlfriends when they are caught up in a conflict and they lost sight of who they really are. But I see more in them than they do at the moment. Most of us occasionally gets pulled down the lower level of thinking, traps, helplessness, not seeing a way out.  The archetype of a queen, when we bring it to mind, helps us to step into a better, empowered version of ourselves.

But we need to remember to act out of the LIGHT side of it, not the dark side.

The light side of a queen archetype: benevolent, empowered, powerful, acts out of inner authority, no need to ask for permission, or approval, she also listened, she has a long term vision and takes care of people.

The dark side of a queen: demanding, unreasonable, cruel, overusing power.

As you can see we are going to create a different outcome depending on what we step into. The dark or the light side.

What’s not in the video: 

The queen implies there is a hierarchy, and that is not always going to be the case.  If we are resoling a situation with our equals, and we lean a bit to the dark side of a queen – they will definitely push back.

Still, if you keep the attitude of self respect, if you remember this challenge is not a reflection of your self worth  – you are closer to the higher version of yourself.


  • the archetype knowledge comes from Caroline Myss’s books.