How to Be Alone in Nature. Solitude. Energy. Conversation.

Did you know that energy healing methods (for example Reiki) is not only for people and pets but also for plants and the land too?

In this sense Reiki can work on the premise that everything is alive. The stones and the land, the trees and the organism of the city – all have energy we can influence, as they influence us. We can be in a constant conversation and exchange, instead of seeing ourselves as separate.

The idea that everything is alive comes from shamanism.

This way of life, this spiritual tradition is over 100,000 years old. A shaman, in my understanding, is a person who has insight into the mysteries of life, and thru that can heal the body, mind, spirit and emotions. Shaman lives in partnership with nature, and we, on a deep level, on the level of our Souls, crave nature. Nature is what heals us when everything else failed, nature is what restores and revives us.

I didn’t study shamanism, but as an intuitive energy healer…

when I stand on a new path, I tune in and ask…

Sometimes we go into nature to GET something. But can we GIVE something too?

Few years ago when visiting Cracow, I frequently hiked a small nearby mountain, covered with a forest. At the bottom. I had an uneasy feeling… it wasn’t taken care of as well as it could be. I saw the results of lack of leadership. Again.

At that moment my conversation with the mountain begun.

I asked the mountain how it feels. I heard the answer.

There is no magic in it. This is a no-brainer.

As I climbed, me and the mountain talked.

I wasn’t alone in the forest.

The spirit of the mountain stayed in the conversation and energy exchange with me. It was a fulfilling spiritual experience, for lack of better words.  I offered Reiki – energy to the mountain.

[Energy flows THRU us.  Not from us. We simply need to be a channel.]

In those hours of solitary walk, I offered my full presence. 

And received gifts of beauty, and a fulfilling, mystical experience.

This is the magic of full engagement

P.s. I realize you may not feel safe to walk alone in the forest. Let your intuition guide you when you can be alone / ONE with nature