How Your Jealously Can Lead to Gifts and Empowerment

Have you noticed how jealous people rarely get what they are jealous of?

And even if they do, it doesn’t last.

Why is that and if you are a jealous person what can you do about this horribly…

…disempowering emotion?

Did I say disempowering? Yes. If you haven’t noticed already, when you are jealous you focus on another person’s: possessions, relationship, job, looks, luck, maybe other things. You forget about your responsibility to yourself.  Jealousy looks very unattractive on you. (Not that it should to be your focus) It’s the LACK of BELIEF in YOURSELF, focusing on the outside to bring you happiness: this is what takes away your Light. 

I don’t think that the world reflects the truth about us to make us feel miserable.

I believe the world reflects the truth about us, to encourage us to step into our greater potential. 

If other people trigger you with what they have and who they are – this sure is a reflection.

 In this video  (a bit messy, I said “maybe” about 45 times 🙁 ) video I go over some possibilities: what feelings are you really looking for? What talents and skills you should develop? What is calling you to your greater potential?

“The person activates within you a burning desire to utilize your potential and your gifts.” Caroline Myss in “Sacred Contracts.”

Why a jealous person can quickly lose what they got?

There is a saying that if you want something you must work for it but let go of the emotional grip in it. Let go of the desire. I have frankly no idea how to do it. Should I just put hard work into it and then pretend I don’t want it? Sounds like nonsense.

The only thing that comes to mind it – yes – put work into it, but … be ok with yourself anyway. See your worth anyway. FEEL and BE ENOUGH anyway. With it or without it. Do not allow the lack of it destroy your self worth and your Light.

Jealously has a clingy sense to it, if a jealous person is finally with a partner they dreamed of – they still don’t see their self worth – still have this low vibe emotion. So the low vibration of the jealously is in conflict with the higher vibration of the desired object / person. They cannot survive in the same space without conflict. If you can put it in better words please write a comment, because that’s all I can say.