I now offer Reiki (energy healing)

release focusIn addition to hypnotherapy and coaching I’m now offering Reiki sessions. And the combination of the three – to assure an effective and deep transformation.

Energy healing happens in the person’s etheric field which has many layers. Reiki may help with emotional, spiritual and physical pain. Before disease show up in the body it can be seen first in the aura, and we carry our traumas, and stress there, which results in misalignment and lack of harmony.

Reiki calms the nervous system and opens us up to align with higher energies needed for the healing to happen.

Why am I doing this?

There are so many energy healers these days… But I knew that becoming a Reiki Master will be a meaningful step for me.

For the past two years I “felt” the energy in my hands, and I was drawn to use them to send healing energy towards those that need it. So in the beginning of 2017 I finished my Reiki classes (with a Reiki Master and Teacher Lisa Saylan)

The feedback I’m getting after being attuned is fabulous.

“I had about 50 reiki sessions in my life- but this was the best!”

“You didn’t make my day, you made my year!”

“I worked with someone who has been doing it for 10 years, but your energy is stronger”

“Healers often have hard time to access my energy field, for some reason I don’t want to let them in. This was not an issue with you. I felt completely open and relaxed. And could feel the wonderful energy around my heart when you were working on it…”

And the list of testimonials is growing (see home page)

Quite possible I should have started long time ago. I recall this situation from about 10 years ago: my friend living 8,000 miles away, had a problem with her knee. She has been going to treatments and doctors for about a year. Nothing was helping and she was facing a surgery. We talked on the phone, and I said: I believe you can heal your knee with energy! I’m going to send you healing every day for a week and we will see…

A week or two later I got a call: The doctor said it must have been a miracle! I don’t need the surgery, all is good!

I wonder what happened then..

If you have a serious problem I wouldn’t want you to get your hopes up. There may be powerful healers but even they can’t heal everything. I feel I’m in the beginning of this path of intuitive healing, and I’m definitely not a clairvoyant.

However if there is something going on like a persistent  limiting belief, karmic pattern showing up in your life all the time, or a temporary lack of balance that you can’t fix yourself, I’d like to invite you to make an appointment.

Aromatherapy or sound energy healing can be incorporated.  Essential oils help not only the body but also the psyche and the spirit. And the sounds of instruments like: chimes, gong, singing bowls, shakers, drum, sansula, thunder drum, stones create vibration your body will respond to, and it’s equally pleasant to feel the vibe of a drum as it is to feel the angelic tones of sansula or chimes.

I see clients in Uptown Phoenix and I also offer distant energy healing. If you are looking for Sedona Energy healer – I’m just 2 hours away in the green part of Uptown Phoenix. 

I definitely feel there is more love, harmony and new kind of joyful depth and meaning in my life since I have been attuned.

p.s. now you can also buy a GIFT CERTIFICATE to someone dear to you who would appreciate being more peaceful, relaxed, and having their chakras balanced: Purchase a Gift Certificate here.