Finding Hope, Certainty, And Direction In Tarot


This is a story about the things I love about tarot card reading.


“You will find me in the metaphysical section” – I jokingly said to a friend when we walked into a bookstore.  In the dark, cozy nook of the store, where I loved to spend hours… What was I looking for? Hope? Certainty?  Direction? I guess all three. On one of those evenings, I spotted a beautiful deck of tarot cards. Golden, mysterious, with Renaissance images.  Of course, I got it.  It took me thru many, many long evenings. I even had this urge to really talk to tarot card readers.

Now, over ten years later, it seems like everybody owns at least five tarot decks! So let see: more people buy tarot cards.  But also more people understand they co-create their reality, the quantum leap, and that the destiny is not set in stone. So why do we still look into the cards, talk to psychics, and tarot readers?  Turns out those things do not exclude each other.

Last week I had conversations with two persons from the opposite sides of “the table”:

Denise, who frequently sees tarot cards readers and Nicole Marinette: a Phoenix-based tarot card reader and a healer.

Denise is an accountant who has been going thru major life’s transitions. She sees psychics in person, but also finds them online.

“I love my recent reading;  It was good. – she got animated when I asked about it – I got a personalized video from this woman, and it feels like she talks to me like we have a conversation.”

How do you know that the psychic you are calling is a good one?

“It’s hit and miss. I feel there are few good ones.  The majority is moderately talented.”

What are you getting from it?

“Validation.  I go to tarot readers to get my feelings validated. We need to hear certain things from others. You know how we doubt ourselves, how we try to reason with emotions?  And since it is about stuff like the fears, facing the unknown, I want to go to someone who will talk to me from the spiritual perspective. I feel like the reader has authority.  Skill.  I’m going to her like you go to a guru.

“Also, I’m sick of some things and want to see what options I haven’t considered yet. Maybe there is something I don’t see?  So for me the spiritual component matters.  I feel a connection with a network of people when I’m reaching out to a tarot card reader.  The readings help me to be more consciously “me.” They help me to feel grounded.”

Now a tarot card reader perspective.

Nicole Marinette: “People who come for a reading need a miracle. I mean, a miracle as defined by “A course in miracles.”   A shift in perception from fear to love. They need connection. Tarot readings offer them the safe space so they can talk about their deep thoughts and feelings.  When they are stressed, they can feel safe at that moment with me.  And they often cry.  tarot-cards-219419_960_720I don’t see any difference if I’m doing a reading in person, or over the phone – same thing…”


What do the best psychics and tarot readers have in common?  How to tell the difference ahead of time? – I asked hoping for some secret to be revealed to me.  It turned, this question was completely off.

In my experience – Nicole said – it depends on the client’s intention for the meeting. People come with set expectations, to know the future, or to find out what someone is thinking about them. With those intentions, they are not aligned with their highest good. It creates a barrier.

I tend to feel more vibe with clients who come open, with a pure intention, and this is when the spirit comes thru to them in the reading. So for a good reading to happen, for me, it’s not about the tarot reader.  It’s about the client being open. When he or she is, there is ease.. things happen. Then it becomes a part of their personal development.”

“What fascinates me in Tarot”

Nicole describes a mysterious process during her readings:

“What fascinates me in Tarot? It is the imagery of tarot cards, the in-depth understanding of people, and the psychic triggers.  During the reading, a part of reality unfolds in front of you.  It is the coolest feeling ever! And it always surprises me.  You see inner movies, their unique path… there are 78 cards and they create infinite combinations.

“Sometimes people who come may have a blockage. It is hard to articulate for them what the blockage is, and even I though I see it, I cannot speak to them about it, without sounding harsh.  So being an energy healer as well, being trained in various healing modalities, I can access the multi-dimensional energy and ‘give it a download,’ an upgrade, send light to that place before we talk about it. Healing and Tarot create the arena for that to happen.”

The three most valuable things you will receive from a reading:

Going back to my tarot readings, and I had about fifteen of them since I was eighteen, the three most valuable things I received during readings were:

  • Hope, when I was in despair.
  • The element of surprise when I was doing it just out of curiosity. I was told “impossible” things that came true effortlessly.
  • Change in perspective. Every good reading showed me another door: an exit or a possibility I haven’t seen before. I had a choice. More freedom than I thought I have.

I think that is the miracle Nicole talked about.


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