Who Has The Easiest Life, Who Has The Hardest Life?


Photo By Forrest Cavale - from Unsplash.com

Photo By Forrest Cavale – from Unsplash.com

There are the obvious, physical differences between people: health, money, life’s conditions; some people go thru many struggles while others seem to have it much easier.  But what about the inner life?  Our outlook for life, our personal philosophy. Doesn’t it impact how easy, or how hard life feels at this moment? 

There is a lot of pain we are causing to ourselves. It’s pain which is not inflicted by another person, or by those “random” events, which are “unfair”, but by how we choose to see and respond to what happens.  So…

Who has the easiest life, who has the hardest life?


1) People who have easier life:
  • See life’s events as lessons (not as bad luck)  
  • They learn from lessons other people paid for.  
  • They understand things take time.
  • They take responsibility for how they feel.
  • They create their experiences.
  • They can detach emotionally ( or don’t take things personally)
  • If they can’t change something, they know how to let go or surrender.
  • They look for positives, and for things to be grateful for.

People who have the easiest life see events in a symbolic way, which leads to understanding.  People who have the hardest life look just at the details, just at the surface, which leads to confusion.

2) People who have harder life:
  • They blame whoever is popular to blame at the moment (instead of looking at themselves as a possible cause of problem)
  • They always blame themselves and feel guilty.
  • They undervalue themselves and have no boundaries.
  • They demand (entitlement vs. work)
  • They want instant gratification.
  • Instead of creating their emotional states, they wait for what the surroundings bring and then just react.
  • They judge a lot: others and themselves.
  • They control others directly or thru manipulations.
  • They can’t separate their essence from their emotions and their soul from their ego.
People who have the hardest life don’t see beyond the physical and literal.


We move between the two all the time, yet we can spend more time on the “easier” side if we commit to it.

Whenever something new surprises us, we can react in a way that causes us pain. Those events are opportunities to transform, evolve, and expand our awareness.

Every moment can be much easier than it is, and our mind holds the key.