The Three Things That Will Save The World [including our private ‘worlds’]




I took the photo on my recent trip. My friend overlooking Sierra Nevada, on the way to an Ancient Forest along 395.

What is the solution to our problems… all problems?

The unreasonable?

This is a long shot, but after analyzing the most hopeless situations in private lives and the world, I’m absolutely certain this is the best solution.  If it seems far removed from those problems, it’s because this is the foundation from which everything unfolds. If it seems that the foundation is so deep it’s hard to make the connection, it’s because when we experience a problem, the problem is usually a result of a chain reaction of innumerable cause and effect, cause and effect…. you can track it. 

It’s nothing new. Many great masters talk about it. We simply don’t pay attention, because those things don’t seem urgent. (yet are important)  The only issue is: hmmm… it works best when everyone does it.

So is it worth it? Yes.

Is it reasonable? I don’t know. It’s rather irrelevant.

Besides, I’m not in a business of reason.

I’m in a business of soul healing.

The solution to every little and big problem is:





It takes discernment. It takes ever growing self-esteem. It takes practice.  It takes humility, surrender, open heart, self care, it takes strong values.  It takes believing that there is nobody out there to get you. Believing you belong. 

Is “self-“- selfish?

Some may wonder, why “self”. Why not simply offer respect, acceptance, compassion to others?  Here is why: we can’t give what we don’t have.

How can I fully respect you, if I disrespect myself in word and action?

How can I truly accept you, if I keep judging and rejecting myself?

How can I offer you compassionate words and healing, if I continue to punish myself?

You get the point: I can’t.

Sometimes we receive the gift of self acceptance from other people, who accepted us fully, to our greatest surprise. They help us see: “oh, so I can be loved… oh, so I deserve respect… ” and the earlier in life it happens the better. 

What happens when we are present.

If we don’t pay attention to what’s going on inside, we can’t be fully present to others. And presence is crucial. Because only when we are present, we really see each other.

So go ahead. Focus on yourself. When you practice self acceptance, self respect and self compassion, your words and actions towards every being you meet on your path, whether it’s a human, animal or a plant,  will reflect that.

This is the greatest gift we can give each other.

What happens next: see what problems can be alleviated this way in your private life.

Side note: Wherever there is something beautiful and positive, something dark shows up to destroy it. Our commitment to light makes us stronger in the fight.


  • Ronnie K. says:

    Hi JZ … well this is the 1st time I disagree with you, at least partially. Your “Three things that will save the world.” has both a good and bad side to it. You talked about the good … now let me talk about the bad.

    RESPECT: There are many, many folks who have total self-respect for themselves including the “hatred” they have for anyone who is differnt themselves. Just look at those who love Donald Trump.

    ACCEPTANCE: They show self-acceptance of themselves and justify their hatred as their way to solve the world’s problems.

    COMPASSIONATE: These same folks show much self-compassion for themselves as a way of feeling they are in control and loved by their peers.

    • Good. It’s good to disagree and tell about it!
      All the things I mentioned are contained in one thing “self-love” but most people don’t relate to this term.
      So I believe that all the above are 100% positive. What you mentioned is , in my view, something else: your example of compassion is more of a self-centeredness.
      When you accept your self fully you see yourself as you are: the good the bad and the ugly. Everyone of us contains a piece of everything that exists. When you accept yourself you have a sense of Oneness. Hatred is blind to all that. Your example of self respect gone bad, feels more like satisfaction from close-mindedness.
      I know this post is idealistic. But so am I 🙂

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