[Podcast 4] Six Obstacles to Mindset Shift and Manifestation


Obstacles to mindset shift and manifestation.  In the previous episodes I talked about changing the mind, how we need to change our thinking if we want to create something new, reach goals, lose weight, and have a better relationship. In this episode I want to go through the obstacles, ways we sabotage the transformation.

Simply put, the obstacle is another contradicting thought. Between the wish to have something new and the manifestation of it there is a space, and your old identity will have a lot to say in that space. You will be falling backwards… Your survival mechanism will have a lot to say…

Between the desire to change something and the moment when you start showing up in a new way – there is a space, you need to do things in this space to create what you promised yourself. So what are the ways our own mind is slowing down the process of change, even the change we desire. Let’s find out.

1. Not practicing long enough. Quitting on the change. I know it can be very frustrating. Things are not happening, you have a goal and it doesn’t happen. But it means you didn’t happen to it, you didn’t practice long enough, tweaked We practiced this old thinking for a long time, and the brain learned, delegated it to the subconscious, to be efficient and it runs on the autopilot, this is why it is hard to change. To change, to become who we want to be according to our intentional vision for the future we have to stay aware of the mind, rehearse the new thought, practice until it is on an autopilot and the brain delegates it to the subconscious mind.

2. Practicing thoughts you don’t really believe. Remember practicing affirmations in the 80’s 90’s ? After a while you would give up because it was like telling yourself lies. But the key to them was to create a believable statement, believable thought. Often, they were about self love. If you can’t believe “I’m lovable as I am” it may be easier to say and believe: “I open myself to the possibility that.. I am lovable as I am.”  There is a skill to leaving behind the old thoughts and thinking, believing something you never believed before. Imagine there is a gap in between where you are now with your goal and where you will be once it’s done. You need to create a bridge. The bridge is a thought. You may think I am getting this done. But more likely with goals that take longer, the bridge has many supporting parts on it. Many supporting thoughts bridging thoughts that will get you from one side to the other side. You need to believe every one of them. And if you don’t, maybe you went too far and need to take a few steps back and create different thoughts.

3. Looking into the past for proof. You are not focused on the future. When you say ” I was never able to do this.” yo look into the past. Creating new future  requires a leap of faith. A combination of learning and trying things. Instead of looking into the future be inspired by what the future may hold when you hold the vision of the new belief . The new thought doesn’t stick because we look to the past for proof of what is possible. We think that the future will be a continuation of the past. We drive forward looking backward. We don’t create the future intentionally in our mind.

4. You are undecided. You confuse the universe or yourself in the same sentence. You say you want something but maybe not, but maybe you do. I want a Porsche but wait maybe I just can live with a bike I am going to Canada, or no, maybe to Mexico. And the Universe says: “I have been working on the ticket for you and you keep changing the mind. I have been aligning the things for you to have the Porsche but if you are fine with a bike, ok then!” Staying in indecision takes a lot of energy. It keeps us where we are, tired of going back and forth.

5. You can’t tell apart the thoughts coming from the primitive brain and evolved brain. And should I add, mostly the thoughts coming from the primitive brain will not get us what we deliberately want to create. For example when You consciously want to write a book You will have a lot of thoughts. All over the place. Some of them will help you write the book. Others will keep you stuck in the draft stage. Forever. But when we know what thoughts come from the primitive brain and what comes from the evolved brain the solution is clear. The brain operates in the motivational triad: preserve energy, avoid pain, seek pleasure. Creative work is effort. Putting your work out there may potentially create pain of facing opinions and judgements. So the brain will offer you thoughts like “You don’t need to work on it now. You still have time! There is something more important to do now. Aren’t you hungry?” And you often will believe them, unless you remember where they come from. Do the work now. Delay gratification. Instant gratification. Delay work.

6. We fall off the wagon and make it mean something instead of getting back on it. Fall off the wagon, thinking you need to start anew. Life will happen while building new habits and a new mindset. Are you really going to beat yourself up every time you have a little failure? Keep building upon what you have. Practice makes it permanent.